The Midwest Network 2007-2008 season: AKA, STEP YOUR GAME UP!


Why are there never any tournaments for anything in Michigan other than SSBM? I like SSBM and all, but I won’t be able to compete at EVO next year unless I can really practice.


I would like to see KI 1 on one of those lists


1st & foremost, I think this is actually a pretty cool concept here Tarkan. This lets ppl know what is being played, & who are the best in those respective games. Good job on getting something up like this bro. :tup:

2ndly, I do agree w/ Humbug about this being difficult 2 organize. If I’m understanding how you wanna do things correctly here, ur gonna have ppl put up names or lists of names of ppl who they think are the best in a certain game. It sounds great, but in theory, how’s all of this gonna be accomplished, especially if someone’s biased about saying that they are the best, or that the area they are from is the best. You’ll probly get a whole lot of that, & that doesn’t really accomplish anything besides create rivalries.

Now I know that creating rivalries between areas, states, or regions are one of ur goals 4 this, but that kinda sorta already happens anyways w/ the presence of tournies & why ppl go 2 them. They wanna see if they are the best & how well ppl do from their respective area.

This is a wonderful idea & that’s awesome that ur doing this Tarkan, but it is going 2 be tough putting all of this together w/out having any flaws w/in the system 4 this.


Creating lists of “X player is better than Y player” is never a good idea. Most of the people “voting” would be ill-qualified and just doing it based on a couple matches or heresay. I think a list of who plays what games at tourney level is pretty sufficient per state, which is a cool idea.

But I mean everyone knows already Chicago “beats” everyone besides very close to NE in skill and number. If we did a round-robin for all MW players every month, lol, this list could actually be accurate of “who’s best.” If you HAVE to do sort by “skill” just put what tourney placings people have under their belts.

Seriously, the MW scene is small enough that we don’t have the skill or amount of players to be playing like 50 different games – the FG scene in general is shrinking, what we need is more people getting better at the MAIN games.

Fugee and I have been working to make Season’s Beatings a new Midwest major. I hope everyone checks us out who wants to see big names (CA, NY, and MW) in the Midwest outside of Nickels. I def agree that region could use more unity to up our skill.

Advice for n00bs: TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL. You’ll learn more driving two hours to fight a proficient player than scrubbing around for months and trying to learn from vids. Plus you’ll make a lot of new friends and get plugged into the scene.

Fighting games are incredibly rewarding, much more so than any kind of videogame (I think) but they do require patience and time. Thankfully not THAT much $$ since fighters are almost all console now :slight_smile:


Looks like you’re 30 minutes away from Detroit, 3 hours away from Columbus and Cincinnati, OH, 4 hours away from Chicago, Cleveland, Toronto, and 4.5 hours away from Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh.

That’s what I don’t want to do. It’s got to the point where we know who our top players are, but we don’t know what order they should be ranked as. It creates credibility, it creates competition; that’s what this site is about.

A rivalry, I believe, is when two (or more) people/groups are on an almost equal standoff, where people want to see, or know about who won or is winning. Tournaments do bring rivalries, but the rivalries I’m thinking about are not just individual players (which is great, by the way,) but cities, states, and regions. I’m sure that people try to increase their skill after they have been to a tournament, but the power of a city/state can do much more. Look at 3s, that game was nearly dead in the United States, until the Japanese destroyed us; now, our best players can compete with their best players, or at least give them a run for their money.

That’s why this topic was made, it takes a group effort to get something big done.

Like I said before, we already know who the top players are; we don’t have anything to lose creating a power ranking, and if this ranking doesn’t work, then we can just scrap it. BUT, this isn’t APEX, this won’t (hopefully) be biased, and this might be the best thing that has ever happened to the Midwest. It will be a group-based effort where not just anyone can say who they feel should be in a certain ranking… everyone can have input, but it has to be credible.

If Chicago beats everyone, then let’s change that. The only way of changing this is to get better. You might say that some people don’t have much competition, but how is it that Popoblo is probably the best CvS2 player in the Midwest, yet he barely has competition, or NKI is top 3 in the Midwest in ST, but he barely has anyone to practice against? Round-Robin is the best way of knowing who the best players are, but it is obviously too time consuming, unless you have many sets of TVs and consoles, and the number of people in the round-robin is less than 20.

Tournament placings are sometimes inconsistent; what I want to do is take all the tournament placings (state and regional,) and then organize it, so that the results look very consistent.

I agree, that we should prioritize the major games before playing the lesser played games, but we should at least play the newer games, before they die out. Some of the newer fighting games that have came out are definitely tournament-worthy, and it will be a shame if people neglect them for other reasons.


Chi beating everyone I don’t agree to that. In the Midwest I don’t see a dominate force anymore. The crown is up for grabs how I see it. I will say if anyone was close to it, it would be Chi but as far as them having that title I don’t think so. I agree about having rival states, because look at college football, basketball, and professional sports they all have rival teams that counter one another. I think some kind of round robin based tourney is needed to compare the Midwest states best players and from that decide in what game which state is top in. From there if your looking to make your state much more a force in that respected game then if you can travel to a tourney do so just to gain that skill. I also think we should take a lesson from what Texas was doing. They established a method of point rankings between Houston, Dallas, and Austin in all the respected played games. It is a great way to measure your sister states an keep skills balanced that’s how Texas did it. TaKan is right distance is an issue, but I think if every Midwest state has a tourney and ppl attend ( if possible to), and by coming up with a system of ranking that works the mid can’t help but grow again and be dominate. Props to Takan for making this thread. Sticky it!

P.S. Also I think that the midwest should have a website so states can keep up with what’s going on in the midwest scene. Post up our own footage just from the MW on the site just to help assist growth for the scene.

PowerUp Podcast: Midwest FGC and Beyond

uhhh what games does chi not have the best players for save cvs2?


working our way up from the bottom


Haha. Seriously though, IL/CHI > Midwest in the 2D games that matter. Not to say that people from OH, NE, etc can’t beat IL/CHI on any given day, but consistently, Team IL/CHI places higher or wins more tourneys than other Midwest players. Not starting a midwest flame war, just stating facts.


Yea Chicago has the most game:

1: Chicago(mvc2,3s,gg)
2: Stl (T5,GG,NKI in ST)
3: Ohmaha (3S,GG)
4: Detroit (CvS2)
5: Milwakkee/Racine (T5)
6: Indiana/Ky (Cvs2)
7: Ohio (used to be GG but I think it’s smash)

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needed excuse to sign in anyway.


not only Chi but central IL too haha



Yeah aaron step your game up!:arazz:


Honestly I don’t think the Chi can beat us (Detroit) in 3s. I don’t think so. I’m willing to prove that. As far as GG I’ll give that to Chi, and really I know we’re good in Tekken as well I also I’ll say MvC2. This is 50-50 for some reason I can’t get on 50-50 though. So this is Blizz niggas! To those that know. Me and Grego are the only ones here that really and rarely play 3s, but honestly I don’t see a dominate force in anything but CvS2, and GG. Everything esle to my knowledge is open. The MW is so scattered that I think rival cities might spark something back up. Mos def in my city cause niggas having a hard time getting comp around here. I’m all for this though and I feel like 3s should and will be Detroit’s. Big words but I can back them. Next big tourney the D will be there.


Are you serious? I really have no idea what you could be basing that from. How many majors have you been to where you actually played them, or majors, period?

Chi’s been ahead of the region in 3s since forever. Flo qualified for Evo, George is really good, and they actually have a scene. Even if you think of yourself as on the same level with them, you said yourself that you’re two players from MI compared to… Nickels. I think Humbag’s got you too :slight_smile: Bet it


Basing that on the fact that I don’t travel as much as I would like. Honestly it’s a few ppl that I know if they could travel how they like ( from the MW) would personally put it on Chi in 3s. I think they know who I’m talking about. Bottom line I don’t think you can really say that Chi runs it because I’m sure that there’s somebody out and around that could do take them in a game in the MW. Jadakiss said it in a rap once “why I know a dude up like Jordan that didn’t get that break”? The same applies here. I know a few cats that could take Chi including myself. Not trying to toot my horn. Just personally how I feel. It might make some mad, but ya know…


and who is that?

also i still say Floe is the best 3s player in Chi/Midwest.

from not playin much anymore(i think) and gettin 3rd(or 4th cant remember) at evo north is pretty damned good.


Floe over Juicy…hmmm I don’t know. I personally think Juicy just from playing both of them (floe I haven’t played since TS5 I think). So I’m only speaking from that honestly I don’t see what floe does that makes him so impressive honestly. Not saying he doesn’t know how to play, but I think he can be better. I think in a 1st to 5 between floe & Juicy, Juicy should take that. If not then damn is all I got to say. Sorry if anyone feels dissed not trying to, but I think it’s time for ppl to grow up about that whole “o he dissin’ me” It’s fuckin Street fighter not the NBA or NFL. Plus for the MW to be top in the nation and considered a force in anything this type of stuff needs to be brought up and understood, because I thought Juicy ran Chi. What I heard anyway. Also I’ve seen dial up play GG he’s fuckin crazy. I want to see him play David and You Juicy. Plus some of our other comp we have here in GG.


From what i know Ari dominated chi in most all games back in the day. George doesnt even really take 3s as serious anymore as for as in concerned (from what hes kinda told me and from when ive played him). Nowadays id say George runs chi cause Ari doesnt play as much anymore (im not 100% on this though).

I don know many who can run with chitown right now in GG either.


I see…I’m thinking of trying to get a group together and maybe coming out to that Champaign tourney your throwing. I wanted to run my team up to seasons beatings though. We’ll see. I don’t either but I want to see what dial can do against them. I thought David was holding GG down in the MW though?