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what is the mind set of people that play fighting games. whats the difference between the mind set of the Fighter in reference to the mind sets of the Shooter and the RTS player. (note i play a lot of shooters and im trying to fig everthing out)

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Thx yall. Note i was talking about fighting games but in refernce to something else. oh and if you dont have anything to say to add to this thread dont post THX

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I don’t see much of a difference between competition in fighters pr RTS. When it comes to FPS though, they are often team sports which removes a lot of accountability. When I was in highschool I played a few sports, but I always liked wrestling more so than baseball or soccer, because if I lost I knew it was my fault.

Scrub mindset = Use a bunch of big moves and hope they will hit their opponent. With no consideration for setups or mind games. Not allowing them to do big moves or preempting their moves will result in being called “cheap”

Casual non-scrub mindset = Trying to outplay your opponent.

Pro mindset = Trying to outplay your opponent and force him into mistakes leading to punishment opportunities. Basically you are trying to outsmart the other guy.

Fighting games are strategy games at the end of the day. So anyone with a superior strategy has the right mindset. This strategy is created by game knowledge, and character design.

I have been playing fighting games since I was 9 years old and every game, I try to go in with the mindset to make every move count and to try to reduce my mistakes. Its hard because the other player is good enough to make you commit some but my thoughts are just to go in and just try to win. A good offensive should be balanced by great defense. :sweat:

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I don’t think SRK is such a nice place for a 9 year-old to be… but that’s just me talkin.

The mindset of a Fighting Game player is much more complex in my opinion than that of a FPS player. A FG player has to consider so many situations for multiple characters and movesets, while also considering situations for his opponent’s characters and mindsets. He also has to have really good execution in order to preform combos, mixups…etc. FG players also have to learn how to sit on a lead, how to close out a match, and perform several actions within seconds of each other.

While these elements exist in other games, Fighting games make it much more complex (varies by the game, of course) with their intracies. The casual player won’t go beyond “playing to have fun” in most cases and doesn’t learn anything besides what the special/super/ultra moves are. They don’t take time to learn all the little things about the game. Tick throws, Crossups, Mixups, Dash Cancelling…etc etc. Playing Shooters for a while, the most complex thing I learned was…flanking? There’s no intracies to the game that make it more complex than a fighter to me. Yeah, you can burst fire. Yeah, there’s grenade placement, camping and all the other things, but I wouldn’t consider Counter Strike on the same plane as any fighter in terms of Depth. Fighters have that aspect, hands down.

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