The Mindset When Playing Decapre



Hey all, I’m about 3 days into playing Decapre and I’m having trouble finding the proper mindset to adopt when using her. Is she offensive, defensive, a turtler, a counter-puncher, mix-up focused, read focused…etc. I find that I’m able to perform much better when I understand a character in these terms.

For example, I was a Rose player for awhile, and the way I’d describe her is a provoker/defensive-counter-puncher. Her normals and ground-game are so good that it’s easy to annoy your opponent into pressing buttons when they shouldn’t and that’s when you blow them up. Or for Makato, I learned that she’s very pressure based and read based, so I’d focus on putting fear into my opponent and then making reads based on how I thought they’d react.

So, what’s the mindset of Decapre?


she wants to kill the killer bee


Right now, I think she can be played effectively at all ranges. Long range doesn’t really matter because scramble safely gets her at least to mid range. Her pokes are very good with st forward being her best one in my opinion. Her specials are good and easily hit confirmed into when walking up despite being charge. And her anti-air/reversal game is good too because she has a good air throw and psycho sting has such a good hit box; not to mention the ex version gets a lot of invincibility. Her biggest weaknesses I think is that she doesn’t have a good normal anti-air and her sweep has a pretty short range.

Rose players tend to go fishing with cr strong for the soul spiral cancel and poke with st forward or st roundhouse, I think you can play the exact same way with Decapre if that’s what you’re good at. Go fishing with cr forward buffered into rapid dagger, and poke with st forward or st roundhouse.

That being said, a lot of players make the mistake of feeling like they have to pigeonhole themselves into one play style per character. Be creative and try to play multiple styles every round until you find one that your opponent can’t handle. Then stick with that till they adjust.


From the limited time Ultra has been out, I feel her game plan is getting your opponent into the corner with Hands pressure + Hands in combos and then sit there and keep them in the corner. Most characters have very little answers to Decapre sitting in downback, they can’t jump at you (Stinger) and her whiff punishment game is superb (s.HP, s.HK, into hands). She seems like a more rush-down orientated Bison (strong chip game, intense corner pressure etc)


Basically Cammy pokes with a Guy like dash with an El Fruete twist. Masking buttons for punches is one way to get beginners to like the character and not give up right away. A lot of people like dashing back pretending they are guile also throwing out sonic booms waiting to use flash kick.


absolutely agree with this. most solid general gameplan seems to be “find opportunity to start hands pressure, then commence hands pressure” which will eventually push them to the corner. alternatively “walk opponent to the corner, then commence hands pressure”. unless something new is developed, having a scramble mixup oriented gameplan is about as bright as having an ex slash oriented gameplan with oni.


thing is im not a fan of lp blocked hands

i do prefer IA drill for this approach better


Hands shouldn’t be spammed of course, it is one of her main tools though. IA drill is a godlike move. Definitely save ur ex meter for this move. What situations have people been using normal IA drill to make it safe?


i havent seen much use of the move at all tbh

and its nobody fault the move is very special


ia drills are even better, but a properly spaced mk xx lp hands makes basically any of the popular crouching pokes whiff, if you take the tiniest step back, so it’s good whiff punish bait. sweeps and stuff will still reach but a lot of sweeps(most even?) are punishable by u2


yeah i know that

still doesnt feel right


Why not?


Compared to the other characters, Honda, Chun, Blanka and Gen, Decapre has the worst hands frame advantage wise. Even EX is only even on block. I’m not the biggest fan of Rapid Dagger but it is better than other hands in certain respects in context to the character.

Because of its frame disadvantage, you might avoid using in altogether. I’ve see some Decapre players fight without Rapid Dagger quite well but something can be said for not using the tools she has fully.


What dontdothat said


i think daggers are really good


I also acknowledge hands are good but I don’t find myself using them that much, rarely to be honest.


alioune said something along the lines of “if you cant do hands, play another character” and the more i play with her the more i agree. it doesn’t matter that they are -3, bipsons mk and goukens sweep are also -3 but you wouldn’t think twice about mashing that shit.


Rapid daggers are given less frame advantage compared to traditional hands because it has a something that other don’t - it moves forward.


yeah they are

is just my scrub side getting in the way


I can do hands, just don’t feel the need for them, prolly I’m wrong. It’s also matchup dependent.