MisterEgoTrip Cup

Simple rules: Character lock if you win your match, you can only change if you lose, no Akuma no turbo, this will be a race to 5 set and matches can be done either on psn or xml or even ggpo. This tournament will go on until each round of the bracket is done so it could take up days for tourney to be done and crown a champion, but the good news is that the is no pacific date for you guys with busy lives. The cap will be at 32 players. Brackets will be up when we get 32 players. Good luck everyone and show them your skills to see who is the best and who will hold the belt and in the future defend it against the top contenders.

Players choice: Matches can be done either on Psn, XBL, or GGPO but both players will have to agree and also HDR or ST is optional too.

  1. Freeway230 aka Jay Free
  2. Zkunedo aka Zeyiad Elias
  3. Viixii aka Ho Vo
  4. DjReign78 aka Jason Reign
  5. Pacquiao8x aka Danny Pacquiao
  6. UYG_Kenshin aka Kendric Curry
  7. Dbostick
  8. Rice247
  9. IronDD
  10. RugalBernStein
  11. SLEV1z
  12. Ryojichang
  13. Thanks_table
  14. Moonchilde
  15. Dr.Phil
  16. Hado-King
  17. Dotawickedsick ???
  18. Hadouken696969 aka Hop Vo Nick Vo

I’m in there. Ebinsugewa on XBL.

I’ll sign up in hopes that this will be held on a night I do not have to work.

Im in for PSN.

i’m down. triggatre18 on XBL

Im in. psn

Streetsmart1976 also wanted me to tell u hes in.