The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


Bellator should just have Daley and Larkin fight on every card.


Overeem should walkout to Crossroads by Bone Thugs N Harmony.


:clap: Guy is a maniac.


he aignt wrong.


Catchweight? Make it happen Dana!!! :rofl:


If you get put in this, should you quit MMA? :lol


I remember an article a while ago from Josh Barnett talking about using Boston Crabs in grappling/mma. Muta Locks next, yeah?


Just for a thing, texas cloverleafs and boston crabs are possible. Just people have to be strong af to get them locked in. In particular to catch, boston crabs are a way to break a triangle

Also look how easily guy in blue gets out of the front choke and gets top control

From there it becomes like when an older brother is bullying the little brother couple of smacks, guy anticipates more and guy in blue just fucking around gets the boston crab. The best part is the smile and double thumbs. He will never lock that again. Guy on bottom has a shitty ground game and gave his back probably anticipating more strikes and looking to tap

Look as the guy just lays there absolutley broken


For your viewing pleasure…




uhhhhh…we pride in this bitch?


As long as I see one of Ngalani’s spinning kicks I’m good. :lol:


Mac’s next fight:


50 Cent aint beating shit, but respect his opinion because lucky charms is so bitch made all about the cash it doesnt surprise me any dude off the streets doesnt fancy his chances. How many title defences so far?


What’s the size difference between 50 and Conor?


50 Cent is like 185 and probably 15 stone so id say the size difference is significant, that said 50 cent would last as long as it takes to get into the ring before gassing so the size doesnt account for shit. A street fight against any legit marital artist is insane cause hes just gunna go for the eyes and throat.


Also connor probably tie his old ass up in knots as i don’t think 50 really means anything anymore



oh shit…the goat andy


Does frank still have braces?