The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


What the FUCK

I get robbing a place, but don’t attack the fucking animals. Goddamn savages.

edit: Damn… He had to be put down… =(

THANK YOU to everyone who RT my cat and robbery post.
Fox5 Vegas got involved and now the police are launching a full investigation. $30k+ worth of stuff stolen and a beloved pet gone.
Stuff doesn’t matter, I just want to see them punished for what they did to poor Dwight


Exactly! People are just shit nowadays. I hope they get whoever did it.


That’s fucked up man. It’s bad enough that she got robbed. They didn’t have to kill her cat too. Fucking savages.


Leave no witnesses yo.


lol was Woodley salty on Rogan last night or WHAT? Damn man. Never heard a Champion seem so bummed out lol. He has to realize its up to him to make himself a draw.


No that is literally the job of the promoter

UFC will push whitey above all. For rampage he had to coon to get a push.

But ufc ALWAYS prioritized pushing their white fighters


Stipe says the UFC told him to talk trash or something to promote and he told them thats their job. They push Ngannou to the moon over him in response.

UFC are shitty at pushing top guys they didnt groom from the start. Look at Carla vs Cythiya, same shit.

Woodley needs to get his personallity out there in a way that more than complaining about shit is his problem. But UFC did him no favors by never getting behind him.


Ideally UFC would get behind Woodley but if not then fuck em, he needs to just work on building his own fanbase.


that joe rogan interview prob did more to hurt than help. you wont admit to just how fuckin big the chip on his shoulder is


Not saying its not their job, just that they arent going to do it.


That is the difference with spiketv era and fox era though

Think of all the specials, personality pieces, interviews, hype vids

They showed on spike buiilding their top guys

Fox era they only built ronda and connor

Ever since the move to fox it is about pushing the brand over the fighters

It is the same problem with wwe, except guys in wwe use social media to their advantage


^^ I agree. Spike’s lack of programming had them leaning hard on UFC promotion and side shows. Spike really helped build up UFC in the 00’s.


Jimmy Smith is a good dude.

I love that he is replacing rogan

Todd Grisham is also good. I liked him on ecw.


Lucky Charms to be stripped of his titles rofl.


lol im confused. these niggas got paid so he could fight boxing and then are like…btw gimme those belts.


Need to find and link the new article cause am on mobile but basically what went down, Dana told Conor to fight Khabib, Conor said no then Dana said fuck you.



Yeah lets get Khabib vs Ferguson out of the way, it’s not like Connor wouldn’t get a chance anyway.


im totally fine with that, but the ufc usually will bury someone so fast if they refused fights. and dana hasnt flat out said he wasnt refusing fights he just sounds like a dissappointed dad in most interviews. just didnt know when he would fight, so its almost like they never even offered him one. now they are acting like hes dodging people outta nowhere. he did work for them, they got their money now they wanna act tough


A cliffhanger…