The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


Danis has had only one fight I believe. He just heel hooked his guy.


He got a toe hold…

Shouldnt be talking smack to the likes of Jake Shields off the back of that though. Esp when shields beat Danis at his own game.

My point is get the momentum first then showboat… Less chance of looking like a dick that way.


meh…conor started his antics really early in ufc. He had only won 2 in ufc when he started poppin off…then he kinda got the rockship on his ass for denis siver. I was at that fight and dudes were cosplaying him basically…at that point he only had 4 wins in ufc.


Yeah he had the weight of Ireland on his shoulders and still pulled out those wins.

On paper he should have lost a bunch of fights but always proved me wrong The Aldo one was especially hard for me to accept :laughing:.


do you do bjj? assuming from the name


Yeah. Started in Pancrase but switched over after about 5 years


What about yourself?


started in karate switched to tkd/sport karate and ended up doing bjj for the past 8-10ish years. Messed around with other stuff like kung fu, muay thai and mma stuff.


Yeah i bounced around a bit before finding mma/grappling/BJJ too.

Judo, kung fu, tkd etc. The only one i wished i had stuck with would have been Judo. My wrestling is ok (by British/Aussie standards) but my judo isnt that great.


You should find a snakepit catch gym

Those places usually house respectable judoka and wrestlers.

Man i finally went to train this morning after 6 months.

Thank Gotch and the speed drills and lifting i still had cardio.

But man i am wasted after 2 hours.

Arm triangle and double wrist lock still da bes


NSAC got off there asses and finally handed down suspensions for Khabib and Conor. They hit Khabib for 9 months and 500K, Conor for 6 months and 50K. That not a typo, they hit Khabib for a half mil.



Who’s ready for some souls???


Part II…

Also, Karate!!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: fuckin masvidal


I’m disappointed nobody tagged to see Renegade’s post, I needed a laugh.

This might be of some interest to you


Father time took a break and aldo whooped its ass

Check out @espnmma’s Tweet:


Also, this happened…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:



I have this odd feeling old ass spider gonna really show up