The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


So Lucifer i mean dana white said israel vs silva is now a #1 contender fight for both of them. Lmfao but yiu know how that works


Kinda want Silva to win now so I can see him get boxed up by Whitaker or Gastellum.


Yep, it’s only a #1 contender fight if Israel wins.


A Whitaker - Isreal fight intrigues me so much.


No it was originally for silva. But now both have a shot at the title if they win.



Ought to have hit him for a full million.


When repeat offender McGregor got 50K. Bullshit.


McGregor didn’t jump over the fence and assault a non-combatant.

Khabib did.

Fuck 'em both.

But fuck Khabib harder.


Conor has multiple incidents. Including jumping over the fence into the cage, shoving a ref, and assaulting multiple Bellator personnell. Hell he started the in cage brawl by sucker punching Khabib’s cornerman. They fined him more for chucking energy drinks at Nate Diaz. Than they did for a couple of sucker punches.


The corner man was coming at him.

McGregor is a piece of shite.

This is not really up for debate.

Khabib is just as big a piece of shit.

How that is up for debate… SMH.

And in this instance Khabib clearly started the criminal act of violence.


They are both pieces of shit.

Connor costed guys huge money having his hooligan soccor riot in that parking garage

Whiteness saved him


Whiteness didnt save him. Jon jones and rampage have done fucked up things. Remember when rampage was driving the truck and caused a miscarrage?


Someone start a perm gofundme for good guys like ray borg.



Edit #2:

So much for history:



Well shit. I may have to see if a bar is showing the card, because I’m not buying it without the main event.


UFC234 should be free on ESPN after that fight cancellation.


Yeah I agree. I just thought about something. Don’t most bars use Direct TV? In that case, I may not see it at all. UFC and DirectTV are at odds over the PPV split, so UFC 234 isn’t on Direct TV.



Cursed card lol