The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


Bruh, this fool Gastelum. :rofl:


My nigga lmfao


Yooooo im so happy about that fight.


Lmfao this weeb went full rock lee


This was under it. LMAO!!!



For my grappler homies. Nicky ryan 17 purple belt won his division for adcc2019. Until usada comes in im assuming hes on dick pill roids lmfao


Silva took those punches like nothing, like DBZ/DBS stuff…


Yeah that surprised me. Israel slept Brunson in one round. Silva got a gift decision over Brunson after 3 rounds.


Da Silva is old.

And took Isreal’s best.

Zero shame to be had, there.


Wasnt eithers best imo. Israel has more of a killer instinct hes shown in the past. He had a pat barry fan boy fight…eithout him gettin ko’d. Plus silva still got a good chin


But why doe


Fuck these “boxing exhibition” fights. If Tenshin ain’t rolling thunder these bammas i don’t want to see it. Anyway, this is funny!


That was the most visual damage I’ve seen Silva walk away in a very long time.


At one point Israel hit him with a three punch combo to the head and you could see he was surprised Silva didn’t fall.


Old man still has some gas in the tank. Overall even in the amount of wars hes been in…he hasnt taken alot of head damage like the rest of his and weidmans generation. He still got some left on his damage card


I was suprised too, I thought he had developed a glass jaw because of the way he had been dropped from what looked like lesser punches in the past. He looked like Silvia of old rolling off those punches. I really hope he gets the send off fight he wants in front of his home crowd, there will be tears and I’m gonna admit it now, there will be a couple coming from me too.


Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya was a mirror match




wait waaaa :open_mouth: