The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017




Please DC…call out Brock.


You got your wish


Vince must be proud…


Not when DC sleeps Brock. Brock’s strength is his wrestling. He can’t take a punch. DC will cancel out his wrestling and lay him out.


I was referring to the banter between them…


As a Cormier fan super happy right now. DC really earned it and is now validated as one of the all times greats. Plus a big money fight.


we wwe now and my friends list confirming they idiots


ugh I hate that this is a thing


Possibly the G.O.A.T. ever in MMA history for now!!!

Brock clowned the WWE in his post fight interview as well by name dropping Braun Stroman and such

If Dana were smart (let’s see if he is) then on the same card as Brock Lesnar VS Daniel Cormier, he should put a co-main event of Deontay Wilder VS Stipe Miocic.

Think about it. That will be the ultimate card of the century so far. Have a reigning WWE champ and a reigning WBC champ on the same UFC fight card!!!

Reason I say Deontay Wilder is because he called out Brock and Stipe a few times. He said he’ll fight either of them. So, to spice things up…

Winner of Deontay Wilder VS Stipe Miocic will fight against the winner of Brock Lesnar VS Daniel Cormier for the UFC World Heavyweight championship!!!




Let the countdown begins…


Lewis vs Ngannou was sad. I think they are both traumatized from their previous losses. Send them to the psychologist.


Lewis was having back spasms. He didn’t want to pull out of the fight. Ngannou had his soul stolen by Stipe though.


lewis did what he could…nigga was spamming high kicks.


So did anyone see what happened in the Zingano vs Reneau fight. I’d post it but I’m sure it’s against forum rules…


Did I miss a nip slip or something?


People of the congregation, I apologize for the lateness. Let the soul snatching begin.


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Soul Snatchers!!!


…of course.