The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


how do you win a title in a close fucked up decision then call out the dude a weight class above you. lmfao. how do you duck 5 seconds into winning a title?


Cejudo can beat Dillashaw


Oh tj is fuckin free for top 4 flyweights honestly. He just has cody’s number.


I remember him losing to Dodson already


tj would catch hands if he tries to get in a weird brawl with alot of flyweights.






Nazi “past” they say…


American women gotta be the fucken dumbest creatures on this planet.


How are they going to say Nazi past? Dude has at least 3 Nazi tattoos. Someone offered to remove them for free…he refused. How is this dude even on the streets, didn’t he get convicted off killing someone in 2009?


LMFAOOOOOO like its terrible he did that. but come onnnnn damn, she knew what was up. dude refused to take them off or cover them. she def knew hes still in it.


Will Dana White be at Summer Slam… Daniel Cormier…


Kevin James out here looking like Great Value Joe Rogan.


May I have a word with the congregation?

And IDKWTF this was. LOL!!!


This soul snatching deserves it own post. The soul in question belongs to James Gallagher. He’s a teammate of Connor an tends to act like him but much worse from what I hear. I was still salty he beat Chinzo Machida but this made up for it. LOL!!!


Bandejas needs to walkout to Shawn Michael’s theme music from here on out.


Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins needs to walkout to this when he goes MMA:


That’s never going to happen. He don’t want them problems. lol!


I’m saying if…

Or Kane lol…