The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


he claimed it as a business thing not his own personal money. thats what people never understood…theirs business money and personal money.


His monthly income was shown to be nearly four times his monthly expenses.


Khabib cheerleaders…


i was rolling lmfao.


Chael Sonnen, the ultimate mma jobber!!!


That’s a shame…


Not a Cormier fan but that is utter bullshit. Dude is healthy and has defended his title in the last year, 9 months ago to be specific. The UFC is trying to emulate the NFL and make me lose interest.


Cormier should just do like Connor and make his own belts.


This…over Diaz vs. Poirier?


What wait the fuck man. I like Val, but that isn’t a main event. If it were here Joanna sure but only the hardest of hardcores know’s who Sijara Eubanks is.


I guess Joe Rogan isn’t the hardest of the hardcore…


That tells you how far TUF has fallen. Sijara won a spot for the title during The Women’s Flyweight TUF. She had a bad weight cut and Roxanne Modafferi took her place. She was supposed to fight Nicco for the title originally.


Some of the poor souls this past weekend…


I bless y’all with the light from the heavens!!!


Conor is funny:

“I stay on bus! I stay on bus!” with the fake accent lol


rizin tryin to give me k1 max vibes


I’m late, but damn. How the FUCK does Jon Jones keep getting to come back? I’m not up on my MMA anymore, but is he THAT big a draw? What am I missing here? This isn’t chapping my ass or anything; I’m legit curious.


A combination of USADA being a fucking joke, snitching on his supplier, “tainted suppliment” excuse and Dana “Big Bucks” White


I miss seeing this kind of stuff. The UFC really clamps down on their fighters. They don’t let their personalities show and then wonder why they have a hard time building stars.


We still got Michelle Waterson the The Karate Hottie…