The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017





The aftermath.


Karma is a bitch. All that shit Conor has been pulling for the last couple years has come back to bite him.


can someone please upload a gif or something of him tapping, and also his face after he lost?


…and Conor didn’t even do Conor things after that.

Watch that NYC incident become ancient history.


BRUH. That post fight brawl reminded me of the mid-fight brawl during Mayweather/Judah and Bowe/Golata, both times. All I know is that Conor got exposed as a one-dimensional fighter with limited stamina, even if it was against Khabib, and that he cannot defensively grapple to save his life. At this point, it’s safe to say that ALL of Dana’s hype trains have been demolished.


Post-fight press conference is live:


Ferguson talking mad…




The curse lives on


You know, I think this fight proved something I’ve been wondering about. I don’t think Conor’s power is what we thought it was. Once he started fighting dudes his own size, he stopped one punch KOing people. Until he fought Nate Diaz, Conor was always the bigger fighter in the Octagon.



That was a great shit show


Khabib is an elite grappler nobody has been able to effectively outgrapple him


You know how Dana said Conor didn’t do anything and he was minding his own business. Surprise, surprise, that’s bullshit. Guess who tried to jump after Khabib and slugged one of Khabib’s cornermen before being pulled back into the cage by security. I’ll give you one guess.


Khabib vs Connor is the first professional fight in a long time that actually lived up to the hype! Even the aftermath was a spectacle.


Commission released Conor’s money but are still keeping Khabib’s


Which is bullshit because Conor caused the in cage brawl by attacking Khabib’s cornerman on the cage. This whole Khabib narrative that Khabib’s guys came in and jumped Conor without provocation is bullshit. He could have just let Khabib get himself into trouble by going after Danis, but escalated the situation. Now I know why he didn’t press charges.

Edit: Conor wasn’t the only one taking a L’s last night. His fans were too.


I don’t think it’s over yet, surely this breaks his probation agreement. He could still be going to jail for a week or two despite the commission’s decision.


Mark in the yellow got dropped the first time and then got that Mach Punch later. I’ll be surprised if homie don’t get nominated for Donkey of the Day on Monday by Charlamagne.