The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


Like I sed…








Tommy Toe Hold


So…will Khabib get his fight money?


It is racism and dana mad his cash cow lost


Funniest things I heard on FB is some friends telling me that I shouldn’t see the UFC like WWE.

hahaha You morons, it’s already WWE. Have they forgotten the dolly tossing or Brock showing up in the ring and pushing people around? lol


I thought this was funny.


Post-Fight Analysis - Coach Zahabi





Dana is the Eric Bischoff of the UFC.

So, technically the WWE does have “competiton”.

In the 2010s the UFC is trying to be like pro wrestling.

In the 2000s the WWE was trying to be like pro MMA. Remember when everyone went nuts in a WWE match (to include the announcers) when someone tapped out… Ironic…

Also, when will Cormier defend his light heavyweight belt…


The real champ is here!!!


This seems like a horrible matchup for Lewis. Then again, he’s got that punchers chance…



Damn Khabib spits hot fire in his native tongue

Some people say I did the wrong thing, others that I did the right thing.
You can’t confine an eagle to a cage.


I hope the repercussions for Khabib will be short lived and minor as I think he acted within the bounds of reason during the post-fight accident.


NSAC likes their money. They’ll dock him a 250k fine, suspend him 6 months, and the UFC will do the rematch in Vegas at that point. I don’t want to see the rematch but given the PPV numbers, I know it’s coming.



Brother and country…


Khabib has a point


Nate goes to bat…