The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


With all the shows they have to put with the new ESPN deal, they shouldn’t be cutting divisions. They are constantly scrambling to put together cards as is.


Demtrious Johnson is the best mma fighter there is. Cejudo won due to judges who suck

But hey let’s get rid of an exciting fighter who set records.

Again this plays into Dana White racist favoritism


DJ super talented but his fights are boring as fuck. The only interesting fight was his last one, which was a loss lol.


You haven’t boring until you watched Ben Askren. Did induces more sleep than Nytol. DJ is out there german suplexing fools and converting it to an armbar mid air. Askren is lay and pray personified.


I love watching Askren’s fights.

Lay 'n pray, my ass.

Preyin’ lay, more like.

Dude straight trolls.

Simple, perfect weight manipulation.

Judo ain’t got shit on him.

He makes his opponents look like online warriors losing for free to SF4 Zangief j.headbutts.


ufc literally cut jon fitch after 1 loss due to his style. Fitch literally fathered askrens mma style…dana hates dj soooo fuckin much he literally made a deal with his own devil.


He finished his last 5 opponents

That german suplex to armbar tho


Dana should start afresh…



Thanks for always posting these clips. I don’t have enough time nowadays to keep up with all the crazy finishes in international MMA, so it’s cool to be able to find a lot of them here.


You’re welcome.


Derrick Lewis just surviving round one…


Would be funny if Brock brings this title:

to the UFC title fight:


Dana said that won’t happen but Dana is full of shit half the time so who knows if that is true.


Right from the first minute you saw the difference in the grappling

It will be interesting if brock can even get dc down. Because dc is just a beast

But really it would not surprise really if brock took down dc. It would be surprising is if he kept dc down




If that fight is under boxing rules then I’m not interested. I’m trying to see Floyd’s soul snatched via Rolling Thunder kick!


Floyd in japan mma would be tremendous.

Floyd via ankle hold


this shit is gonna be modified boxing.

this is like a fuckin sat question

k1 is to muay thai as floyd is to k1


RIZIN fight not happening…