The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


Someone read him the contract.


brock is supposedly not going to ufc

floyd pulling out.



Nnnnnnn if true…


Soul Snatching!!!

Would this count as an exorcism?


Blame the midterms…


Roman Reigns has cancer. Vince panicked and gave Brock a bought load of cash and the title. Rizin clearly used Floyd for free publicity. The amount of news coverage they got was more than they would have gotten for spending the alleged million dollars they gave Floyd to fly to Japan on adverstising.


Floyd could have definitely invested in Rizin after this.


rodriguez spamming iminari rolls like its a fire ball



Edit: video with multiple angles


i cant tell if he did that on purpose or not


Street Fighter II KO win @ 0 seconds!!!


Tkd fight was phenomenal

Yair and CSJ went for it



This is godlike


that pic is dope. and randleman looks the most fuckin ripped lol


Damn i forget that randleman is dead


Mayweather fight in RIZIN back on…no kicking though.




Hey if it is 9 straight minutes that would be hilarious

I just want a takedown and floyd lost


I just find it hilarious that Miesha Tate basically said she left because she was tired of the sports entertainment BS.