The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


i mean it makes alot of sense. but also asia is willing to pay the money for these people…american mma is following ufc’s lead and its ruining the sport. though is bellator offered her a job, i imagine she would have gone there since they dont follow the ufc model of sports entertainment.


Just out of curiosity what is the big difference?

Is it a matter of earning bonuses, publicity of fight, sponsors, ect.


difference between japanese and american mma companies?

Everything about ufc’s buisness model has primarily been taken from prowrestling. From the streaming service, to how they structure their employees(they are contractors not employees), to even pay. As well as how they are viewed in the public…japanese are far more respected because martial values are more respected in asian society.

Bonus’s for how they fight as an incentive is an american thing. Its very much in the model of how american companies run in general…cutthroat.

American companies allow sponsorship but not ufc. So i cant speak on how that is vs japan since in general…its the sponsor who picks how much they pay a fighter

Japans connection to prowrestling is very different, its from a talent point of view. Pre-mma you had prowrestling take a more realistic view of the sport…ie. njpw which had way more emphasis on realistic martial arts. Which led to prowrestlers doing mma and vice versa. Its not uncommon at all for prowrestlings to be mma fighters at the same time.

Their are just alot of differences we can talk about but i guess the big take away is ufc makes it the big spectacle. Especially because they need to hide the fact they arent as big as they used to be. Alot more bark than bite…but everyone else is pretty upfront about who they are.

This is also why you see so many dudes cutting in line in terms of rankings. Ufc is hurting for numbers and pay and so they need to make the biggest fights as fast as possible. They need to pay off WME for what they paid, since they fuckin hustled those dudes hard.


The truth is more money in onefc and she will be getting so many endorsements in asia being hot and white


Jon Jones should come out to this!!! “We drop 'bows on 'em!!!”



respect to @Gimpy for the weekly recaps


Soul Snatching : Cyber Monday Edition!

Only for today…A “two for the price of one” special…



lol dana hates money apparently


Personally I think Usman should get the title shot. He’s got the longest win streak at 170. I’m tired of dudes busting their asses in the cage getting passed up by loudmouths. All that said, Dana doesn’t like Usman or Woodley. Having them fight takes one of them off the table. Then he can match the winner up with bitchmade Covington. If bitchmade manages to win, he’ll have gotten rid of Usman and Woodley.


id be fine with usman getting the shot if dana hadnt already said covington was getting it. i hate that shit


He does that bullshit all the time. Its one of the reasons I don’t believe anything he says.


lol you know ive been around mma for a while now right? i know this lol.


UFC is the direct competitor to the WWE





Valentina has been dominating Johanna throughout so far…


Schev wins by total domination and no one is surprised.


max/ortega was a good fight. Ortega got his face warped as fuck tonight. He looked like that frog meme.