The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


almost strangled some retarded white boy last night at buffalo wild wings.

he tried to convince me of:

. conor is the best
.max would never beat conor
.max was gifted the title
.he was a paper champ
.and yelled at the tv for him to go back to hawaii…this one confused me the most. i couldnt tell if he was racist or retarded


Retardation is rampant amongst McNuthuggers.

@zatalcon1 Glad the doc stopped it. Ortega was too tough for his own good.


WCW Nitro…




The appetizer…

The entree…

The dessert…


This is the sad, sad truth.

My local grocery store has an avid MacGregor fan as its daytime bagger.

He believed MacGregor would win that boxing match with Mayweather Jr.

I tried to convince him otherwise.

He is now fully convinced that MacGregor was robbed.

He is the permanent daytime bagger.

My local grocer hires to hit its equal opportunity quotas.


AS in equal opportunity dense…


how do you rob someone who was dying in the ring?


I was implying that he is literally borderline retarded, with which side of the border being almost as debatable as the aforementioned stoppage.

Meaning that he at least has a clinical excuse, unlike most McGregor Stans.


sounds like the guy i argued with last week at the bar. i legit was ready to strangle the life out of him…or at the very least put him in a darce.


i didnt realize kron is signed to face bruce leeroy…why yall gotta do my boy bruce like that.


UFCONSC coming 2019…


I had my doubts about UFC being on FOX but it worked out well. But something about them being on ESPN makes me feel like this is going to be a huge turd.


It worked to an extent but the cards stopped feeling special a while ago. It became a mid card level show when the early ones felt like a free ppv.


When they stopped ufc on fox shows it was the curtain call

Honestly ufc on fox started with Cain vs JDS

You only go down

OneFC going on tnt is pretty huge. Bellator on spiketv is still

The homey larenz is making bank in bellator thanks to sponsors, pay, and getting a baseline pay to rep the company. They also are considered paramount employees.



Savage. Jon Jones telling it like it is!!!


Nothing would make me happier that DC beating Jon Jones and then popping for steroids right after.


Still need

brock lesnar vs daniel cormier


post mma joana has arrived