The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


lmfao ohhh jon…also how do you move a fuckin ppv to a different state a week away.


I don’t even know man. I don’t even know.




Realest tweet ever lmfao


Between Jones & Lesnar…


Oh Mark you…


I’m sorry but I can’t take Hunt seriously. Dude said before he fought Lesnar that he knew he was cheating and he’d beat him anyway. He loses, Lesnar pops, and he files a lawsuit. Not a good look man.


This dude fought in pride.Lmfao. I think everyone has forgotten that fact. mark hunt is just trying to get paid. Make yo money samoan.


The last souls of the year!!!


Well not the last souls. Isnt jon jones this Saturday?


Jones soul been snatched by that white girl. LOL



I think Dana White hit the nail right on the head when he said Bruce Lee is the father of MMA.


Jones going full Trump


This dude telling a female interviewer to quit her job. This dude has gonna uber heel.


I don’t think he wants to face Jones for the title…


We will have new UFC light heavyweight champ tomorrow? No?


Jones vs. Gusstafson will be for the vacant LHW title…


Yeah Triple J is fighting Gus. I don’t even care about that fight to be honest. I’m more interested in seeing Cyborg smash Nunes.


Naw that’s not it at all. In promo tours Dana have been saying Jon’s next move to cement his legacy is moving UP to heavyweight after the Gus fight. My guess is Dana wants to do Champion vs Champion for DC’s last fight against Jon Jones in case the Brock deal doesn’t manifest. Or even if it does happen, have DC vs Jones 3 at heavyweight to establish who is the king of this generation.