The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


i need a stream


Ryan hall did ryan hall things.


I wish I could get to see him fight more often. Side note: I hope Cat Zingano’s eye is okay.


lol. nigga comin out to GOT theme.


Then he threw Mendes out the Moon Door :rofl:


The fucking LIONESS…


Edit: This forum sucks fucking ass. I couldn’t even type DAAAMMMNN WTF!!!


damn that was too fast. i expected a bit more…


So happy for Nunes…


how fast was the ronda fight again?


48 seconds…


Props to Nunes, respect to Cyborg for actually congratulating her opponent unlike Ronda. This shows you how fucking good Schev is. I thought she beat Nunes in the second fight and she’s the 125lb Champ.


WELP dead


Congrats to Jones…


Jones is a cold evil man lmfao. That fuckin post speech


Turinibol or not, Jones has reclaimed his throne. Also, Gustaffsson had some shitty footwork which allowed Jones to time the kicks properly. Also seeing salty tweets from Jones detractors is always entertaining.

In Bones’ name we pray,


Gus was just not there. Those kicks were fuckin him up all night, he has some good td defense. It was interesting, because jon would try and take him down and he would defend them late but still was able to.


That and the fact that Jon had did a great job of avoiding the urge to chase Gus and set himself up to get countered like the last time they fought. Roids or not, Jones’ ability to adapt and execute is second to none. Basically, he beat Gus by being Gus circa '13.


Like I told one of my friends last night; he still needs to pass the post-fight test.


Juice or no juice, Jones is just a better technician that Gus. His fight IQ is genius level. His life IQ is retardation level.