The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


Jones won every round but that was some shit referring, he hit Gus at least 5 times in the back of the head before it was stopped.


That’s on the ref not jon. No ones gonna even try and pretend like gus was fighting to get out. Homie didnt even try to properly get out of side control. He more or less just took it. Didnt even try to defend the punches


I had to look up how the card went when I accidentally watched the whole Nunes fight casually browsing through the TV.

Damn those were some hard punches.


1st female double champ…

Will Jon Jones have balls to go heavyweight and prove to himself he can be double champ too? Then he can destroy Brock Lesnar…

Isn’t Jon Jones the The Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz)…


100% on the ref. I misspelt refereeing.

Sucked about the Cat Megan fight, I was looking forward to that one. Fortunately it wasn’t as serious as people initially thought


Yeah I wanted to seen Megan improved her takedown defense and ground game. Cat would have been a good indication of that.


Welp floyd murdered tenshin. Knocked him down 3x in the first few minutes lol


Shocked! I’m just absolutely shocked I tell you :smirk:



So you’re telling me that the pro boxer that went like, 50-0 and got enough titles to cover a wall beat a kid that isn’t even a legit boxer with a massive size disadvantage?

Boy that’s just crazy.


Japan needed their freakshow fight


Yeah that Floyd - Tenshin fight went exactly how I expected it to go. Some think it was a fixed fight but oh well. At least Horiguchi won his match against Darrion Caldwell.


Fight starts at about 12:00 if anyone hasnt seen it.

Hard to tell if something fishy is going on tbh. Honestly who cares either way. Pointless fight whether fixed or not. Fun… But pointless.


I don’t know what the hell happened in that fight, but Nasukawa’s positioning and poor unfocused punches and footwork made him look like an amateur. Even a novice boxer with the slight weight advantage could have taken him apart in that fight. The fact that the fight was stopped so early just made it worse as he had no time to redeem himself.


Floyd wasnt even boxing for a lot of the match. He made of point of it.

Peekaboo, no head movement, flat footed.

Just weird


Please don’t contaminate this thread with fake scam artists like Floyd. Everything about that guy after DLH has been complete bullshit.

Who doesn’t want to fight floyd? You’ll get $50M with out even getting hurt. LMAO at dumb ass kid niggaz calling his matches fights. Seriously, fuck him.


You know what would have been better, if they allowed the Japanese guy to fight as a Muay Thai fighter against an American boxer. Floyd doesn’t need to learn MT, they can just allow the kid to combat MT style… But no… the bigger man with more experience needs to “control” everything, from the rules to the training etc etc.

Floyd will still win, but via UD. The japanese guy can hit floyd and all floyd needs to do is just run the entire fight… and he will still win. Sure, most of his fans don’t know anything about Boxing so they would classify being passive as defense and that’s because they haven’t watched much boxing in where the boxer would lose due to the opponent being the aggressor… but at the least the kid could have fought the way he was trained from the beginning.


Calm down with your sherdog crying


Fuck floyd scamweather


You sure hate profficient boxers with impeccable defense