The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


It’s literally the epitome of a Japanese new years main event. Like shenanigans at a Japanese nye event? Omg call the cops.


No. I hate scammers. Impeccable defense my ass. His style of fighting was never allowed in any form of professional fighting unless the person wants to lose.


Just watched the Floyd/Jap guy fight.

Shit was so fake. You got to be a complete moron to believe anything in that fight was real. That jap guy couldn’t even sell a fall or even sell a cry.


You were crying before you even watched the fight? Jeezus. Ignore list added


…Jon best get that license.


Nah, they’ll just move the entire card to state that’ll license him :smirk:


Jon about to only fight in brazil


Lmfao why is Conor calling out tenshin? All this free rizin promotion


Because he’s an attention whore that likes to stay in the news without having a fight booked.




I saw that at MMA Junkie, showed it to my coworkers.




Not really no souls for the new year right now but I’ll put this as the first soul snatching of the year…


Give this one a try:

(Sorry, don’t have another link besides Facebook)


Cot Damn!!! His soul definitely left his body the moment that kick connected. Bamma looked like Winnie The Pooh.



Jon Jones is no dope…


He’s probably the first fighter subject to testing from three organizations at the same time. USADA, VADA, and CSAC.


Lmfao such a scumbag


The article made it seem like he went ham on her. Seemed like a sensational headline. He clearly wasn’t going 100% like they implied.


Why weren’t they wearing headgear? Mouthpieces? Why wasn’t she at least wearing them?

That bodyblow at the end really wasn’t necessary.