The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


That’s why it’s so funny. Like Colby is a dick, Mike Perry is white trash of mmas highest order


Looks like Mike Tyson is on the latest JRE.

Should be interesting.


Did the Olympics send cejudo a replacement gold medal? Didn’t this nigga say he jumped out a window and lost his medals to the fire?


He almost died in one of the California wildfires. It has to be a replacement. His gold medal was in his hotel room. I remember he had burns on his feet that he had gotten while jumping out of the window. He still made his next fight though. Dude is a G.




That looks like a cheap toy store replica…


Hahahahahahahahaha that belt is so trash


It’s got fuckin side plates. Who at wwe was talking to dana??



Bless anyone who watches UFC legally tonight. You have the patience of a god.


Yeah Tyson marking out about mma

Dis you guys see the Jake the Snake one?


I don’t care what anybody says. The best UFC cards were the fight pass exclusive cards. Why? The pacing. If this card was exclusively on Fight Pass it would have been ever two hours ago.


Dillashaw got merked…


Karate Cejudo showed up and bodied TJ Dillashaw worse than Daigo when he has months to prepare for a FT10.


Dana delaying the snap to the flyweight Division…


Cejudo didn’t make Thor’s mistake. He went for the head.


Lmfao yall assholes


This nigga :joy::joy::joy:




You would think Dana would be about pushing his respectful olympic gold medalist who survived a forest fire and still came to train and win.

Dude ran barefoot on fire to live, and still beat tj.

That should be a positive. But Dana don’t like brown champion’s