The mma thread. ufc 217: the greatest gawd damn card of 2017


No that isn’t it. Dana is pissed because he wants to close down 125 and Henry spoiled his plans.


Dana hates tj, but tj was gonna solve all his problems lol. If cejudo was heavier he’d love to have him, a well spoken Mexican olympic champ? That’s fuckin gold for Dana


Exactly, it’s why Dana always stanned so hard for Cain in the HW GOAT debates.


Dana hates black people and weirdos. He loves Mexicans


I thought these were some good shots of McGregor puttin’ em down. It’d be interesting to see the great Lee Jun Fan compete against him (in his prime).
Chuck Norris didn’t seem to pose too much of a threat to him. It is rather neat how each of those two invented their own fighting disciplines (Jeet Kune Do & Chun Kuk Do).


Oh for fucks sake.


Is Henry going to fill the void that John left?
Nikki got 2 inches and 10 lbs on Hank too. Shiettttt


Come on now…


Same stuff. Its gonna be in his system forever I guess






Advanced mma shit talk. Jeezus h christo lmfao



So, Pico got slept… Clearly dude is still learning the basics of the sport, and he will be champion within the next year or so if he keeps evolving and adding to his own style.

In other news: RIP Fedor


Outside of Machida and Wonderboy, there are three new karate based fighters in MMA I’m fans of from this past weekend. Actually one of them I’ve been fan of for the past year. His name is Natan Levy. The other two are Weber Almeida and Adel Altamimi. Both of them fought on the Bellator card this past Saturday and won. Levy fought on the LFA card Friday.


Don’t forget Karate Cejudo. When he comes out in the Machida stance her puts fools to sleep, ask TJ :joy:


If you like karate mma guys, check this shit.


It’s rough seeing Fedor continue to fight at this point. Not because he’s not able to at least compete but because he was so amazing to see in his prime.

The Fedor that fought Herring, Schilt, Nog, Goodridge was a thing of beauty. I’d never seen someone combine striking and takedowns like that. His overhand right into knee tap is still great to watch.

In other news… AJ Agazarm. :joy:


The awkward moment when jack swagger does better than aj. What a world to live in


Fucked up thing is he (AJ) had some good moments. The backtake using the fence at the end of round one was great. He changes leveks really well and scored some great takedowns.

He’s just such a prick. My case in point being the end of the 2nd round. Instead of working his ass off for the finish he starts looking for photo opportunities. And the debacle in the 3rd speaks for itself.

All guys like AJ and Danis want to be McGregor but seem to forget he was starching people in exciting fights not getting edged out of boring split decisions.