The mma thread. UFC 239: Everybody died

Gawd damn ninja. Dagestan is not to be played with

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Colby Covington just got wrekt by Anthony Smith

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Hunt got screwwwwed in court.lmfao

While I think his lawsuit highly suspect, Hunt is own record before the fight saying he knew Brock was cheating but he’d beat him anyway, the judge’s rationale is straight up bonkers.

…right in the minerals.

Like its one thing if he agreed to fight a steroid brock. But the judge just kinda said everyone can be on steroids , you agree to this when you fight. It doesnt matter what the rules say.


It is true. Nobody knows who is on 'roids or PEDs…

Which is fine but this means their are no reprucussions. Like usada really has no true power.

Remember when Enson showed his Pride contract?

It basically said plz dont take performance enhancing drugs. Then the next line in the contract it stated they will never be tested for these drugs.

They might as well have written ‘wink wink’ in the contract.

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Yeah i remember this. Pride gave no fucks unless you had weed

Wait…didn’t he recently come out of retirement?

Lol is his tummy hurt again

He wants to fight Khabib and Dana won’t set it up. Khabib wants the fight too. IIRC that is the last person left that GSP wanted to fight. Since it isn’t happening, there is nothing else left for him to do.

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Let them fight Dana…

Some souls being offered to the Gawds!!!

And here is a WTF moment…


Dana will never give that fight to Khabib.

If Khabib was to beat GSP he becomes god tier. His stock would skyrocket and he would probably leave the UFC. At the very least negotiations after a win for Khabib would be even more difficult for Dana

Just signed up to do fight 2 win bjj promotion.


Good luck man