The mma thread. UFC Fight island is real: Everybody died

Cot DAMN! Sandhagen gave Moraes that same Spinning Heel treatment Barboza gave to Terry Etim!

I’ve been watching that kick again; it’s so awesome it actually gets depressing with COVID. A godly knockout like that should have happened in a full stadium with everyone going crazy, like the Masvidal Knee. That this happened in what might as well be a “me and my boys playing 2K” setting is just tragic.

Bellator 249 Prelims…


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Khabib 29-0 and retired :sob:


I still think his last fight will be against GSP.
We don’t give Khabib’s chin enough credit. Gaethje’s only chance to win was by ko and Khabib stood in fron of him and chased him down the entire fight.


Nah unless Dana is rolling out a prize that’s the gdp of a Saudi oil reserve he’s done. He has nothing to prove, especially without the man who put him on the path. He was honoring his family and fathers wishes by fighting and now he’s honoring his mother’s by not fighting

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Khabib’s set up for that triangle from full mount was sneaky. It was in so deep. Dude has grappling and a chin. And really retiring as champ with that record is awesome. Fuck the cte. Plus dude lost his dad who was the driving force of everything.

I never fault fighters for retiring.

I got cte…

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Explains alot


How long have you been living with CTE?

Nobody can diagnose and/or prove cte until someone’s dead. So, for me never.

…so why say you have it?


how does one really know they have it?

Idiot genjutsu. You’ve become trapped and didn’t even know it


Brain scans


Cognitive testing

Symptoms like seizures

So, now they can diagnose cte for people who aren’t dead yet?

Diagnosis isn’t the same as having. It’s like hypothesis for medical issues. If you show the signs for it yeah they can.

Like I guess the best way I can explain is you can be diagnosed with a. D. D, bipolarism but neither is sumtin your can see on a screen.