The mma thread. UFC Fight island is real: Everybody died

Frankie is dead


The way he fell got me for real.

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Well…Bellator is moving to Showtime in April.


Mauro referencing ric flair quite a bit in this press conference…

That is pretty big. I wonder if showtime service just gets folded into paramount

Speaking of April…

I’m going for Machida the whole way. That’s definitely a long shot. But the bottom right hand corner though…

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Bellator been great the last 8 years

Usman the beast…

Happy black history month

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Soul got snatched the fuck up!

:skull::skull::skull: Who’s wife is sage banging for this death sentence to occur?

Shinya will either be ko’d or he take’s sage’s arm

Sage should be doing hk action films

I think Sage got this. My favorite MMA memory of Aoki is this…