The (Mod-Approved) Skullgirls Tier/Theory Discussion Thread


Agree on pretty much everything, except that Ms. Fortune is already using at least some of her potential and kicking some ass. Just wanna add a character I’m familiar with.

Filia looks kinda not great sadly. Her mix-up game is pretty gdlk IMO second only to Painwheel, but her damage is just so low without meter, and her mobility is ok with repeated IADs, but her pokes are kinda meh. Her assists do look ok though, but not on the big dumb assist level of Cerecopter or Double Butt.


Doubles where both characters provide strong assists will be strong and legitimate for most of the games life I see. Doubles with one power assist are alright but I don’t see it beating down an optimized 3 character team in the future.

Doubles will stay popular simply because they’re easier to use but you still get access to the many game mechanics that you do not if you only use one character.

Yeah Valentine can be annoying to fight because she’s an offensive oriented character with normals that are perfect for zoning and bullying. She’s otherwise being pretty overrated IMO ATM. I wanted a nice invincible AA assist so I picked up Napalm Pillar before the game came out. Man…does Valentine need that kind of assist if she isn’t sitting on 3 or more meters.

Double definitely seems like one of the Dr.Doom types of the game. Very solid on point but some other point character is going to get even more mileage out of the booty assist. Painwheel doesn’t give a fuck about the booty assist but most other characters can tend to have trouble with it if it’s placed well.


Peacock with Double’s HK Bomber assist is IMHO the strongest team right now. I don’t think it’s going to stay the best - but as a bare minimum you absolutely need to have a legitimate strategy for how you plan on dealing with it. If you’ve never fought against it before then you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose the first couple rounds while you adjust and say wtf.


It’s premature to say, but I think Duos will have the advantage over Trios because of the potential for TOD combos. If a Trio could possibly have a kill combo against a Duo character, it would be quite meter intensive and likely leave the team order out of whack. I don’t know of a Duo with a TOD combo but I can see it being possible if assists, tags, both characters’ loops and supers are used. That advantage is then compounded by the risks of an incoming mixup working.


the full potential we know now.


While I agree that Solos have a slight disadvantage, I dont think they’re terribad like some people say.

almost every character has tools for fighting their hard counters, and while solos have worse matchups, they also have a level of damage that’s really hard to ignore.

like, Solobella has a tough time against zoning teams. it’s a traditional Grappler vs. zoner battle there, plain and simple. But Cere has great mobility (long dash, double jump, air dash w/ a high priority attack attached, super armor command dash, Berserker slash, rush punches w/ armor). She also has her level 3 which is good against a zoner when they slip up, AND grants an OTG combo on hit. If cere times that shit right against an assist happy player, the opponent could eat one HELL of a happy birthday. So I feel the idea that solobella simply CANNOT compete with zoning teams a bit suspect (but hey, the game is young, so i could be easily proved wrong in time).

Solobella, heck any solo for that matter, will have to work their ass off in fights against well designed teams, thats without a doubt. But when you can do 50-85% damage easily in one combo,sometimes without minimal meter, the potential for comebacks or for just STEAMROLLING when you have the momentum is nothing to scoff at. Teams NEED to be good at fighting off solos or else they would get their shit rocked way too easy. I think the balance between the ratios is pretty good at this point.

(I say this as a Solobella player, so take this with a grain of salt XD)


I just wanna say thanks guys for turning this thread around :slight_smile:

Also, do you think solo Fortune is a good match-up for solo cerebella? Fortune has awesome pokes, fiber upper, and some great aerials.


I’ve seen bionic car miss… If they SJ or painwheel flies really high, the car misses them.


Since I saw them mentioned, is cerecopter invincible as an assist like the butt bomber? What about Fortune’s Fiber upper?

I cannot find a good assist for fortune other than like… standing medium kick lol.


Honestly, I don’t think solo characters are the way to go. If a character has a weakness, one way of (sorta) making up for it is with an assist that helps you against said problem.



This is how you call someone out for ignoring everyone elses opinion and turning around and doing the exact same thing, notice how he jumps on someone for disagreeing with him. This is why I hate these threads. If you’re going to circle jerk your main, atleast do it in a way that doesn’t make you look like a hypocritical asshole.

Lol @ day 5 Metagame.

Stay free.


My personal thoughts are that:

I don’t think the TIERS are going to be main discussion point in this game, but rather MATCHUPS. Here’s my reason why.

At the moment, there’s only 10 characters, and they’re all pretty unique in their own way. So there’s not really a character that just flat-out ‘does everything better’ than someone else. They may be better in one area, the other excels in another, etc etc.

For example, in MvC2, Magneto is considered one of the top 4, but seems to struggle against a Strider-work/Duc Do-like team when Mag’s is on point, and neither Spiral nor Strider are as high. Again, I think matchups will be the more important discussion.

Although that being said, I am curious as to how the game evolves/devolves. I got some good offline play for the first time, and it was very fun, educational and downright soul-crushing. I played against a very good Solo-Cere, and all my fears about her came to life, with a few added nightmares to boot. I know MikeZ loves dem grapple characters, but at the moment, it does seem that giving a character access to MONSTROUS command grab range/damage, with the access of Hammerfall-like mobility with armor (Bullrush), VERY viable anti-airs, extremely effortless damage and incredibly reliable normals, it becomes difficult for me to imagine her having much to worry about, as she truly has an answer for everything, and it HURTS.

Granted, I’m not saying Cere’s -broke- by any means, but I see her not only having a much -easier- time plowing people due to her incredible ability to be a threat at -all- ranges, but just discouraging reasons to use others because she is so amazing for so little investment. Thankfully this is SUPER early and the discovery process is always fun and exciting. The best everyone can do is focus on their mains/teams, play as much as you can, and try to study and analyze any roadbump matchups you run into. So far I’m really enjoying the game, and thanks to MikeZ and crew for everything.

tl;dr version - Matchups > Tiers. I hate Cere.


To be fair, most tier lists are based off of matchups.

But I agree with most of this. :smiley: Great post!


he doesn’t even main her.

I agree with matchups over tiers, and Cere is my girl… or rather, VICE-VERSA IS THE MAN


I don’t even play Cerebella, lmao. But she’s CLEARLY the best right now. Don’t be ridiculous. And I would stay free, but you got that held down, and I’m not trying to be a biter, ya know? Enjoy monstering the streams, bro.

Also, and just to make sure you realize how dumb you are, I want to point out where you said “lol@ 5 day metagame.”

The metagame exists in demos. the metagame exists before anyone has even played it. Just because you’re unable to theorycraft and apply, doesn’t mean others are. I’m more than capable of coming up with combos that I didn’t find in a guide or on youtube.

I mean as a dhc it won’t miss. You don’t just throw supers out for no reason, dude.


Painwheel main, trying to find a second teammate player here (really considering soloing her though)-

I think ms. fortune will become really strong when some decent eddie like strategies come to light. At the moment i’ve played some decent cats, but i dont see them abusing the head mechanic to its full potential (which will take a long time).

Not really sure how much valentine will shine later on, unless some nifty applications of her status changing needles are recognized.

Have not played any good parasouls so i can’t comment on her :confused: Same goes for double outside of her assist.

Cerebella is, well cerebella haha. I really need to learn that matchup

Peacock has some bizarre normals, she might be a force to reckon with…


Tier lists are already match up charts. They just employ a highly complex and arcane form of statistical analysis called “addition” in order to rank the characters.

People say this at release of almost every game. Yes, the characters are highly differentiated, but most likely someone is going to come out on top.


The small character list also means that every character fits into a different niche. You don’t have any situations like Magneto and Iron Man in Marvel 3 where they fill the same niche but Magneto does it better and more easily.


Character list will get bigger in time i think. So much space on that character select screen


And it’s a film reel so it’s practically begging to be scrolled.

I trust Mike to be creative enough in his character design that nobody will be too similar to another character, though.