The (Mod-Approved) Skullgirls Tier/Theory Discussion Thread


Because you aren’t discussing the stuff that decides tiers, you’re just making lists with no thought or reason behind it.


Again you could just, ya know, not come into the thread if it annoys you


I’ll say this and leave it. People like to discuss these types of things and eventually more and more people will want to. Why wait until a million people are spamming the SG forum with “Who da bess?” or “I think dis da bess!” threads until one is created? I took initiative and started it due to a post of dime’s yesterday. Finally, if you look at who’s off topic and whose causing trouble it certainly isn’t the people who want to talk about these types of things. It’s the naysayers causing the ruckus in a civil topic thus far. All I ask is that the mods give this at least a chance to run for awhile.


Because it’s not the list that is important, it’s the reasoning behind the list that are important (tools, options, matchups) and you guys aren’t talking about anything.

The sooner you know this, the better off everyone is.


As of now I think Fortune is a better rushdown character than Filia. Filia does not have many good pokes to compliment her speed. Fortune’s J.HP J.HK Cr. HK are particularly amazing pokes and Fortune is far from being a slow character. Range and Speed make a great Rushdown character. Filia lacks alot of range.


Rather than general tier theorizing (way too soon to make anything even approaching a logical assessment of that right now), here’s a more specific tier/matchup question for folks to chew on:

Which character can deal with pressure really well?

I feel like the zoning characters have some really effective anti-pressure tools. Parasol has napalm cannon with that captain corridor hitbox and invul. Startup, and peacock’s teleport is much better for escaping bad situations than I originally thought. Peacock’s throw range and lvl3 also make her alot scarier up close than most other zoning characters.

As a Cerebella main, I feel that she is not in her element when she’s rushed down. She’s not ass (I don’t think any character is truly ass at anything… At least so far) but she definitely doesn’t have any cure-alls for that situation.

I’d like to hear what filia and fortune mains have to say, since I have the least experience with them


It boils down to this games mechanics. Your character is only as good with pressure as you are.


Because it’s too fucking early to be talking about tier lists. You guys just get in your own way worrying about this shit. Shut up and play the game, the tiers will sort themselves out.

Fuck you guys are stupid.


Fortune has Fiber upper which has an invul.start-up and Filia has updo as counter measures, but as I said before Fortune has much better range and thus she can deal with people farther away than Filia can and she has more space to maneuver in. But Filia does have her speed and looks like a good CH fisher IMO.



Flawless logic.


Lol people like you crack me up. Come into a tier discussion thread while knowing exactly what is going to be talked about only to post some sort of nonsensical rage post. It “being too early” is irrelevant, even if it is abstract to the highest degree it is only discussion.

I am going to post this one last time:

Dont fucking come into a tier discussion thread if it is only going to propell you into some stupid rage post about a tier thread discussing tiers.


Yes because Cable only worked in month 1 mirite


You know I was just kidding with Arachno, But I think Peacock will settle mid. Shes very strong in the range derpartment and her level 3 throw is perfect to stop pressure. But she really lacks in combo strength and resets, (as expected) and in the end I think this will hurt her somewhat

EDIT: Everyone, ignore the troll below please.


I don’t care how many times you do, or don’t post your stupid little PSA. DON’T MAKE TIER DISCUSSION THREADS WHEN THE GAME IS LESS THEN WEEK OLD!!!

It’s like you fuckers don’t even understand how this shit works. You’re all scrubs.


I would be inclined to agree. Fortunately at my low/mid level play I’m going to be spending a lot of time with people who are going to make my Peacock look S tier. :U

I will say that Peacock needs to be played on point and it makes me sad to see anyone run her as an assist. This isn’t Marvel, you can’t run a dedicated assist character who can’t hold her own in a fight. Peacock’s assists aren’t even THAT good. Peacock with an AAA behind her, on the other hand…


She should definitely be on point, Peacock looks like she doesn’t really have a super strong and reliable tool to stop mix-ups when she’s thrown in. She definitely has options but not the best ones.


Lol ok here is an example you might understand.

Lets say I hated Golden Retrievers (for whatever reason) and in the general discussion forum there was a thread with the title “The Golden Retriever thread”, I would in no way shape or form enter that thread just to get pissed at the discussion that the thread title showed what would be discussed.

Call me a scrub all you want. You are the moron that entered a thread that had a title which would get you all pissed off in the first place :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


It’s more like “Oh Tier Thread, should be good game discussion in here”


and then a bunch of other posters doing the same. There’s no discussing, no debating, no talking about tools or matchups or anything, it’s just a bunch of lists.

An early tier list is fine if you can explain “why” everyone is where they are.


X, learn to ignore posts you don’t like (yes its advice I should take myself sometimes, but take it from someone who knows)

There’s always a huge noise-to-signal ratio in these kinds of discussions, especially when a game is brand new like this.


I’m even not pissed off. I’m just saying your all stupid for trying to tier a game that isn’t even a week old. tiers aren’t about speculation and guessing. You don’t guess where people are going to fall into a tier list. you play the fucking game and the tiers work themselves out. Tiers are about facts, none of which any of you have.

You see the thing is a lot of us on SRK actually care about the quality of the discussion that goes on on this website. Chibi cares about the quality of discussion that goes on in the SGs forum, hence he banned this type of thead because no type of quality discussion can come from it because no fucking knowledge of the game has learned yet. We go into these threads and give you guys shit for making them because they are bad threads.

Guessing one character will end up mid tier with no real knowledge to back it up is not discussion. It mass guessing and it’s retarded, and its the type of schlock scrubs scubscribe to, so yea i will continue to call you a scrub because it’s what you are. you know what people who arn’t scrubs are doing? Playing Skullbitches and learning about the game, like your supposed to. If this game is any good it will be AT LEAST 6 months before any kind of visible tier list even begins to form.

Stop concentrating on this shit and go play your characters and level up your game. The tier list will form faster that way instead of you guys going “Well i think she plays like this and will ultimately place her here because ethis is how I play her.”

this thread is just you dumb asses going “daddy told me not to do this so I’m gonna play in front of mommy and hope she doesn’t say the same thing” when you know you shouldn’t be making them because dad already told you not to. Your analogy is fucking stupid to. I understand what your trying to say, i am blatantly ignoring it because the very presence of the topic offends me.

scrubby children.