The Modesto and It's Neighbor Cities thread

Hello Sirs and Madams, I claim this land/thread for Modesto and its neighbor cities like Riverbank, Ceres, and Salida. We should all join together to make a great community because we all know we don’t have that. So we need a topic to talk and hopefully plan to start tourneys or at least, casuals. Thank you for your times sirs and madams. Oh do you approve of this, Yea or Nay?

This maybe the best idea, i have ever heard!
(i’m lying, no one likes the valley)

Whats really good with mdome? Anit heard from ya’ll niggaz in forever. Im down with any kind of sessions. Its time for me to get better, after going to NCR and playing against so many good peepo i got that motivation. Shit… ya’ll can fuck wit me on live. GT: Kidikorus187

Its w/e holla at me mdome.

im down to play and level up with any1 just post whenever there is a gathering and plz put the address

i have a feeling the scene out here will get bigger when mvc3 comes out also the lodi tourneys are always dope you should check them out they usually have over 30 people every time and the modesto mayhem tourneys are really good too

IM down for casuals!

I’M trying to step my game and have a good time. feel free to hit me up. If anyones down for casuals IM me. Im trying to play this weekend.

Just got a tekken se i can’t even do ultras this is going to be a long grind. T_T

Is this all that is from modesto? lol

Their is more of us but we lurk in the shadows…

hmm does this mean I need a flashlight?

No pm me man I down to play. I mostly play everything. People from this area are retired from playing mostly. Not me though…hehe:karate:

hey fellas, there’s a 209 thread… i don’t think there’s need for this thread for hey! the more players in the 209, the better! =D

modesto!!! lets do this!!!