The Modnation Racers thread


I’m surprised this game doesn’t have it’s own thread. I know it’s not out yet but I would have thought it would have been discussed more by now.

This game looks really good, it’s like a mix between Mario Kart and Little Big Planet. It lets you customize and create tracks, characters and cars and the gameplay looks really fun aswell. I’m usually into more realistic racers like Gran Turismo, but I’m actually more excited about this lol.

If you haven’t seen them yet heres some videos







This game looks really good Im a big fan of LBP


No love for Modnation Racers? This thread is pretty much dead lol.

New Video got uploaded on youtube about [media=youtube]WxzzEbDb-E8"[/media]


I’m really looking forward to the beta test. I’ve been waiting for a good cart racing game since Crash Bandicoot racing!


man got into the beta its pretty good but its not great the load times are so long


Euro Beta came out yesterday.

I got the American beta when that came out but I couldn’t get online much with it.

Anyway… thought you might like to see Zangief in Modnation Racers :bgrin:


His car
Another angle of the car
and another

Zangief in the car
in the car again

It’s not great, but I don’t have much to work with. It’s only the beta lol