The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is releasing this Friday so get your Charge Axes ready!

This thread is for general MH chit chat, news, strats/help, online parties etc.

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Monster Hunter 4 weapon tutorials




MHX coming to a 3DS near you

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Either the previous thread (there was one) was deleted due to this new site overhaul, or you didn’t look hard enough.
I seriously doubt any major numbers of WiiU owners here. I don’t even own one even though I’d like to because MH3U
is the only game I been wanting to play as of late, over everything else that’s out. Good luck.

One thing I’ve been seeing a lot of on YouTube, that I don’t like about MH3U is the slime element. Seems broken
as fuck. As broken as head-locking wasn/is in all previous MH games. Seems like there’s always something that CAPCOM
must do to (or overlook) in order to make their games broken.



Yeah slime seems pretty OP but i’m not sure how it plays out in high/G rank though, hopefully the monsters have some resistance to it or it could even be patched.


The original thread is on some unlockable G-Rank quest status, lol.

I should probably get around to working/finishing up on another solo weapon type/class run on MHFU that I started a while back.

I’ll probably check out MH3U… someday.


Ah, thanks for the link! I don’t get why it didn’t show up when I searched for it though :confused:


‘new’ search stuffs are weird like that.

In my experience with it, I usually had a better chance of searching for a particular thread not with the ‘named’ thread title, but with a particular word/sequence in a post instead.

I found the original thread with the term ‘gunlance’, which happens to be the current solo weapon type/class run I’m doing in MHFU, lol.


Slime is too good.
It’s all explosive element, which no monster has resistance too. Same thing as the Gunlance shots and explosive barrels.


I am switching from Gunlance to Lance now. I need that triple hop and counter. PREDICTABLE.


What is this slime shit you people speak of?

Also I got this game the day I got a WiiU. It’s terrific. For the time being I’ve been trying to farm components from the Lagiacrus. I already have the full armor set you get from him, as well as that “Windbreaker” long sword or whatever it’s called. I’ve been trying to get this other longsword that does lightening damage, and literally all I need is 1 piece of something that the Lagiacrus is supposed to drop, but after trapping 3 of those fuckers AND breaking a lot of their armor off, I have yet to acquire one. Think it’s called “Lagiacrus Plate” or something.


the plate has a 4% chance drop from a tail carve, and a 6% chance for a capture reward. At least thats what I see from MH wikia. Haven’t gotten around to getting this game yet as I need to pay off some other stuff first, but the wikia has been generally accurate on drops for my playthroughs of MHFU and MH3rd


I got the guide on my work desktop, so if you need to know a % drop just ask.

Slime is a new element.
You make tthe weapon with Brachydios parts and it causes explosions with enough hits.
It’s sick, cause it breaks parts much easier too (except tails, cause it doesn’t do cut damage)



When do I get to deal with slime? I haven’t even seen any. I’d love to have an exploding sword.


See that slime on his pounders? He pounds it into the ground and that shit explodes in like 4 secs.
He does some stupid ass pivoting shit, where he does a jumping pound and turns 180 degrees right away.
It’s fun.


That’s badass. What HR is that at? 5 or 6 I’m assuming?

Also OP, you should totally edit the your post with people who are currently playing this. I have no one to do the Marina missions with.


HR3 Urgent actually.
HR4 Urgent is Ivory Lagiacrus.


Wow. I didn’t even know you could get more than one urgent in an HR. So how do I unlock those?

I apologize for all the questions, but this is pretty much my first Monster Hunter, haha.


Sorry, I’m an idiot.
HR4 Urgent is Brachy.
HR5 Urgent is Ivory Lagiacrus.
There is only one urgent per HR.

But there is Moga Village quests and Port Tanzia quests, both with different HR urgents and quests.


Oh ok. So it’s one of the Port quests then.


Those are the tough ones.

I first played Monster Hunter when it came out, tried lance, I sucked mad balls, couldn’t beat the Velocidrome and quit.
Then I tried it again on PSP and play more, got a little better but only put in 40 hours or so.

I’m enjoying this one, as I know how the play much better now, but still not nearly as good as my other friends, that have put a million hours into it.

My buddy solo’d his way to HR7 with sword and shield.


I find myself being a clumsy useless fuck with anything besides the Great and Long swords. And I only picked up long swords yesterday.

Yeah, the port missions are balls. At first I didn’t know that those were much harder, so I was all confused as to why a goddamn Querpeco was taking a combined total of 3 consecutive hours for 2 people to kill. Sigh.

I’m really not looking forward to fighting an even stronger Lagiacrus. It’s hard enough trying to get a scalp from that thing.


The worlds are down for maintenance and I’m so close to full brachy set, just need 1 more pleura + and 2 fucium. >_<