The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Those are shiny drops. Smash his belly. I got hundreds trying to get rubies.


Jyuratodus fight was a bit too much of a pain ass!!
Got carted once but bounced back and bopped him with the light bow gun.

God bless Water Ammo!!


When you don’t want to share your cannon.


and that reminds me… I noticed barroth version of the Great Sword…the damage upgrade would be soooo nice (I think it was 720)…but goddamn that shit is UGLY, man. Transmog system is seriously needed here. I still might prefer switch axe as my choice of big weapon though… great sword is just unbearably slow, imo.

I responded to an SOS earlier tonight with some people fighting Anjanath… first attempt, people died too much, then the next attempt it was just me and 1 other person since the others left, and we couldn’t kill it fast enough. Heh, it was cool to see Tobi show up and start some shit with Anjanath though.


Finally took down Nerg on the second attempt. Died the first time because I decided to evade instead of just block. This fucker’s dive attack has CE Bison psycho crusher hitboxes, and then some.


It does but other than that he’s really easy.


Tell that to the last guy I SOSed to.


Yeah, some people just don’t get it. He’s honestly one of the easiest Elder Dragons I’ve fought (other than Zorah and Dahren).

I kind of wonder about how some people will ever complete the story.


I’m pretty much the same. I was using Lance and Switch Axe playing solo until I exhausted all the town stuff then I went to the city and did co-op. I did basically the same thing this time around.

I’m thinking of using bowgun or SnS, Hunter’s Horn or something different to try change it up now I’m like HR47.


After completing story mode ive been trying to farm for a bow build. I need to farm legiana, kirin, kulu and diablos. I was farming kulu and killed him by accident. The hammer is serious lol


I just got a weapon called Xeno Zauta. It’s worse than another weapon I have called Love’s Sorrow for now. I say for now because it has two level 3 gem slots on it which frankly is mental.


Most annoying cart I’ve had so far was when I was running towards the fight, then suddenly some lightning hits me. Fuck Kirin.


I need some new armor specifically for Kirin. Cheap bastard.


***Bruh… ***:o


Tempered Kirin is giving me some proper shit, fuck that guy.


i researched a little and found monster hunter came out before demon souls. my brother said something about it being like dark souls and made me wonder.


I’m surprised so many people didn’t know about Monster Hunter until World came out.
People living in that no-nothing bubble.

First game I played online. Yeah, I’m gatekeeping, come at me.


That’s because Dark Souls is the first video game ever made. Where have you been?


I remember Capcom had an advertising campaign for Freedom Unite and Tri here in the west. Crazy to think no one heard of monster hunter until World.


Nobody plays handhelds lol