The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Fixed that for ya.

This thing was destroying Nerg with it’s Blast Dust Effect and Dragon Element before it decided it would straight up finish it off.




Can you actually block this multi-eyed alien freak’s beam, or do you have to run from it and hope it actually ends before it eventually catches up to you?

EDIT: NVM, found out the hard way that the answer is “no”. We still beat it though (with no carts even).


You can block it with guard up, you won’t even take damage with level 5 guard. That’s a full build though.


The Tempered version is very unforgiving, especially in multiplayer. It’s not unbeatable, it still has an average moveset. The raw damage is off the charts though.


HR unlocked. Shot straight up to 29, with all the hunts I’ve been doing.


I wonder what’ll it be after I finish the hunt with two of Michael Bay’s favorite wyvern.


Pretty sure I went to like 45 or something and has to grind to 49. If you’ve been farming a lot you’ll easily be in the 40s.


With ‘Guard Up’ from the Uragaan set, you can block the laser.
I’ve done so with the Lance.


finished finally! hunter rank is 25. that final boss battle was actually boring.


Ohh, that’s how mine went so high. I hit 47 and wasn’t sure why.

I did enough of each elder to make it’s set.


Everyone’s beat the game but I’ve been so concentrated on crafting weapons that I’m at like 60 hours and have put off hunting kushala and teostra for probablyyy…10 hours or more.

So, why do I hear that the IG is on the lower ends of the spectrum when it comes to tiers? Comparatively, the CB is considered the best weapon but im still killing everything faster and easier with the pukei glaive and a blast dust kinsect. Keeping the speed up high with the kinsect helps a lot too, you get those buffs way faster. I’m just air darth mauling everything and it feels good.

Hell, I made the diablos set just for looks but bludgeoner works awesome with the IG. You tend to lose blue sharpess pretty fast with it when doing airdash fuckery but bludgeoner lets you keep the dps up without having to sharpen so often.


60 hours is nothing.


You can get Bulwark Amulet that gives it too. I have it, you need a Research Commission Ticket which is pretty rare and Dragoncore ore. I’m not using it yet though as it’s pointless without the guard decorations as I need to wear Uragaan anyway.


I don’t know how I ever lived without soft soil for the ancient tree. Never have to use any other fertilizer ever again


I was still in low rank when I was 60 hours in. I was crafting every armor and available weapon tree for my choice weapons.

I use soft soil with the other fertilizers. Extending the duration time of everything else is great.


Hit HR 41 after the double Michael Bay hunt.


Was actually pretty close to 42, which I hit after another Zeno hunt.

Also, currently at around 114 hours in. Though I’m sure some of you have even more.


I just bought a powercharm and armorcharm for a grip. Was that a mistake? They look like they’re good to have, but fuckin expensive


You’re going to want two of each. You combine one of each with Bazelgeus material and carry all four on you. You’re handicapping yourself without them.


That means I’m going to have to kill that fucking bagel guy?


He’s part of the assigned quests if you want to keep going up in HR. It’s pretty unavoidable. I wouldn’t worry though, he seems a lot scarier than he is. Just bring flash pods and learn to recognise blast and you’ll be fine.