The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


I’d put Tri Ultimate where you have FU. I really loved Tri Ultimate. It was my proper exposure to the series.


No Russian:


I skipped the 3rd generation games entirely. I didn’t like the idea of playing Monster Hunter on the Wii. Fuck trying to make that game work with wiimotes and having a bad online network.


It came with a classic pro controller. No one actually used the Wii mote. The game was actually superior on the Wii U because of the tablet functionality. The full game was also on 3DS.



> responds to Xeno’jiiva SOS last night
> long fight, but group manages to get breaks/sever
> rewarded with two gems


I’m genuinely surprised by how easy it is to get gems from Xeno’jiiva. I currently have five.


I was able to get the Bazelgeus materials for the upgraded Powercharm and Armorcharm before having to kill him. I always have the Bandit mantle with me and Plunderblade on my Palico and was able to knock the materials off him whenever he…dropped by as I was fighting other monsters.


Xeno’jiiva gems are like participation trophies for just being in the fight. Horns on the other hand.


I’d put 3U as the best right behind world. The difficulty spikes were organic and made sense. There were boatloads of monsters and content, the soundtrack was catchy AF and it was just…good. It’s only negative was underwater combat.

A lot of people say 3U was too easy but I thought the difficulty was just right. And it’s not like silver rath, deviljho or alatreon were easy. Fuck no. They were NOT.


Being the only nigga I’ve seen use Hunting Horn, its fun as hell. Only issue is finding one thats a good element for monster weaknesses but also has good songs for yourself and the team.

Plus I maxed out slugger for my horn build and I never knew knocking monsters the fuck out was so satisfying. Wish instead of flaling on the ground monsters were legit KNOCKED OUT. Shit would be too funny


I need Silver Rathalos to come back ASAP. That Silver Sol armor is still one of my favorite sets.

And if these new players are having issues with Anjanath/Bazelgeuse/Nergigante, just wait until they meet this guy:


I hate when people join my hunts just to cart. One guy almost costed me my first Vaal Hazak kill. Wasn’t even a difficult monster… People just don’t know how to dodge or pick up on tells.


It’s like that time I in the USAF hunt to go past HR29. At first, it was me and another gunner, and I think an archer, and it was going well. Then some bro with a blade comes in and ruins it for everyone.


I legit kicked someone from a run I did. He died twice and not during enrages or difficult parts. I booted him mid fight and me and the other two guys nailed it.


Those slinger thorns Xeno drops are legit. I actually ended up getting the hit that severed its tail with them.


A little known thing is if you hold onto the bombs you can shoot him out of the air when he flies.


I use the slinger thorns to drop the bastard when it tries to fly. One or two shots to the chest and it drops like a rock.


Great Girros armor for female hunters


Damn that is badass!!!
Why didn’t you guys tell me about that outfit?

Also…is Dragon Ammo worth investing in for the LBG & HBG bowguns?


Yeah I use most of that set but with Baan helm instead. Looks like Celty almost. A shame it has so few slots though, so I can really only use it with my paralyze Hammer, unless I just ignore skills.

There’s a lot of good female sets honestly. Legiana, Kadachi, Kirin beta(I don’t like alpha), Vaal Hazak beta, the Ingot set, Paolumu minus the hat, fucking Odogaron which is both mega hot and cool as well as being a good set in general, etc