The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Got attack jewel number 3 for the meele PS4 account!! Thank you Witcher event


Ancient Leshen will be out tomorrow. Excited to kill it with my main character as well as craft some weapons I’ll never use lol


Finally got both of the top tier Ice Charge Blades from Kulve, and in one go!!
I had received the golden version of the Diablos Tryannus and the new hotness, the Kjarr Ice CB!!

When it comes to the melee account on PS4, I don’t need shit else from Kulve!!


I have two Kjarr Ice CBs now lol


I do too.
Just on two different accounts, lol.


I got my last artillery jewel, and all that I really need at this moment is just one more focus jewel, and I should be okay with my flexibility on builds. Having 4 Atk Jewels now has also been a huge game changer as well, along with the other jewels that simply never showed up to me previously but are now in my vast array of decorations due to the Event.

Now, I can finally build those Max DPS builds that I simply had to compensate for in the past simply due to lack of decorations. Games become a lot more fun now imo.


Is it too late to start?

I am ready to begin a new game, and have been eyeing this for a bit.


Naw now is a good time honestly.


You and me both. All I have done is installed the updates on the PS4.


Jump right in bros


Any tips on finding a squad?


I’ll play with you and Id bet money so will Gasa. You dont need a crew for this game the entire thing can be solo’d if you wanted to. It is a lot more fun with at least more person tho. Hit me up in PMs, we’ll swap gamer tags.


You can’t really find a squad in game, just have to find people to play with. Most people end up using discord channels dedicated to MH. That said, if you just want to play with randoms you can do that too.

And yeah I am totally up to help out. This game doesn’t have traditional RPG leveling, all stats are determined by equipment so I can join someone at the start of the game and just wear low level equipment and weapons and it’ll be difficulty appropriate.

Personally I recommend doing the story missions solo so you can at least get a first taste of the monster as a solo hunt, then doing it in multiplayer after if you want it’s materials.

Also, as I said before, take every weapon to the training area to at least get a general feel for the weapons, and realize that this game is a commitment based action system as well.


Not late at all, and as Radiant said, right now is the absolute best time to play. This is mainly because all of the event quest/specials are up, and you have access to basically everything that’s in the game at this point. Most of the events will last until the 21st of this month, so if you want to play catch up, this would be it.

Not to mention the Lavasioth event is a great way to farm jewels for new players, you only need to hit HR 9 for that. This will immediately help you in getting access to potentially powerful and great decorations that otherwise would take you eons to get.

Just be warned, this game can be addicting and may potentially screw with your sleep patterns lol.


No, Lavasioth is an High Rank only monster so HR9 would definitely not be enough, but it’s actual requirement is HR50. I’m guessing you got it confused with it’s quest rank, which is 9 star. So I doubt they’ll be able to reach it unless they grind really hard.


Yea i dont see them making it to HR50 by the 21st. Thats ok tho.


Ancient Leshen is up now


Yeah, that was bad on my part.

On the Ancient Leshen, been trying to fight this guy. Two runs and it we failed…people are dying left and right. Only myself and another brought fire weaponry to fight him, and his HP pool is really high…

Tried soloing him, and it simply takes waay too long, along with how annoying he is.


Damn…that fucker is that tough!!?
I’ve been grinding Arch-Temp Vaal for the past couple of hours for the layered Death Stench armor.


Absolutely set the Fire Rune emote on your radial OR have a fire weapon. Also bring flash pods and extras. All the highest quality buffs, FULLY upgraded armor and Health Boost. Temporal and Rocksteady mantles are a massive help.