The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


AT Zorah Magdaros is live…

1 solo-weapon file done, with 2 more to go.

Got like 3 gems on one run too, lol.


Got 3 gems on one run, then got 4 gems on my second run, my buddy didn’t believe me so I sent a ss on my crummy phone to him of the 4 gem reward.

I’m just kind of sad that they didn’t try to do any improvements to the fight since it’s just as boring as it previously was. I’m hoping that by next year or whenever they plan to do a huge update (meaning with new maps, monsters, the next truly significant dlc whatever etc) that they do in fact improve the Zora missions.

It should be far more suspenseful with actual threats of failure, possibly adding some “new small monsters” on the monster that could cause havoc, annoyance to you. Possibly specific monsters that only reside upon the Zora considering it’s size, maybe some sort of parasitic type monster(s) or whatever.

I would have way more enjoyment fighting some mid-sized monsters during the mount of Zora vs attacking boring molting cores yawns.

The final part of the mission should also require a bit more team work as well, instead of just load cannons, shoot rinse and repeat, shoot hooks to stabilize Zora, and use dragonator when it’s ready. I’ve had runs where we had 4 people, two are afk and we still finished uneventfully.

Zora Set was one of the nice looking sets so I’m not complaining and some of the pieces have some interesting specs, however the Zora mission is to me the weakest part within the game by far.

Just happy that I got two tickets every run or more which lessened the amount of times I had to run the mission.


There actually IS a threat of failure, especially if you have teammates that didn’t understand what the binders are for and if they wasted too much to not driving Nerg off.

Also, I got 2 stacks of 2 tickets once, so I only needed to do it 3 times lol


I disagree, the threat level is practically non-existent. Most players running AT Zora are either competent, to seasoned to extremely seasoned.

Throw on top of that the requirement of at least HR 50 and you weed out the flat out newbies. Majority of the individuals at that stage have already dealt with far greater and more imposing obstacles and would have either solid, to extremely good knowledge of how to deal with Zora.

I’ve already run the AT Zora missions over 15+ today, and have yet to even fail once. I plan to do more later, only because friends will be getting on within the next hour, and they’ll be wanting to group up.

Looks like it’ll be another 10+ more rounds of a snorefest, however at least I’ll be getting drops and possible gems. Just from running AT Zora today I went from 3 total Zora Gems to now 10+ already.


What I said was there is a threat for players that don’t know how it works. If people don’t use the binders, 3 of those big attacks and you lose. If people leave Nerg alone like you used to be able to for non AT, there is a real chance of not finishing in time.

Like, I’m not saying it’s not easy, and you ignored the part where I “if your teammates didn’t understand” so you’re not even disagreeing with what I’m actually saying.

It doesn’t matter that most players in your experience or my experience did well or sucked because that’s just your and my experience. it doesn’t take away from my point that IF they do suck you’ll have a hard time.

I’m glad you didn’t fail once, good for you, I have because I got people that didn’t know what they were doing and didn’t listen to my messages either. It happens.


No, I didn’t go past your statement of “if your teammates didn’t understand” because as I said, the requirement HR to run AT Zora is at minimum 50.

This means that you would’ve had prior experience of running Zora well before ever attempting the Arch Tempered version.

The amount of players who “suck” against Zora would be an extremely small percentage, especially when compared to other contemporary missions due to the ease of a Zora mission.

It’s not a threatening mission at all, their is a reason why Zora is used as one of the stepping stones to getting a solid HR set coming out of LR by players who just got into HR.

Definitely been the most accessible AT Set to get up to this point.


There are tons of players well above 50, even well above 100 that play very badly, which makes tons of sense because HR doesn’t measure skill, only successful hunts. Doesn’t matter how long they take on those hunts or if they got carried or whatever.

HR 50 requirement is really low and that’s why you see plenty of people complaining as such. Granted, raising it even to 100 wouldn’t change much because again, higher HR does NOT, not has it EVER equated to ability in the game. You can maybe argue that if they’ve put enough time in to reach 200 or even 300 that they probably have a higher chance of being more skilled but it still doesn’t truly mean anything.

If there was literally no threat at all it shouldn’t even be possible to fail it, and yet plenty of people have. It’s great that you didn’t, but there’s PLENTY of players that are not amazing at the game even at HR50. This is a very obvious and known thing even since the first AT monsters had been out.

You CAN’T know that the sucky players are a small percentage, you’re just going off of your own experience, and same here, which is why I never said the boss was hard, just that he IS a threat with inexperienced or bad players


In my experience, solo-run of AT Zorah feels somewhat similar to area 1 Kulve encounter; in which I utilize a number of environmental resources, sequentially, for damage stuffs.


Yes, their are those who are above HR 50 or even above 100 whom may play badly, however you’re making it sound like the AT Zora mission has a high factor of danger and threat.

That’s a blatant false statement, when the general consensus amongst most MHW players is that it is overall the most boring mission involving a monster, because of it’s lack in threat, and high success factor.

How many threads or statements have you read about people complaining about how to “defeat” Zora due to it’s insane difficulty? In contrast to say Teostra? Jho? Kirin? Heck, even Anjanath?

The entire AT Zora run revolves around “run and smash” the cores, climb, repel Nerg (whom isn’t even tempered at that) and utilize canons and restrains in the final run along with Dragonator. While a good portion of the time you’re sitting there mining, I mean seriously…mining.

Their is an individual who did a speedrun on AT Zora and his description of fighting AT Zora was
“It is almost fighting the training pole”

Well, we certainly wouldn’t be stating that about the previous AT missions.

We do not have anything remotely close to threatening in comparison to missions such as AT Kirin which literally a single lightning bolt could potentially kill you from full health even w/ resistance, or the potential ults of individuals like AT Teo, or Luna down to the AT Vaal in which where it sits idly in a constant DoT area along with it’s insane damage.

These missions are threatening because they require quick thinking, quick responses, actual building of resistance to the appropriate monster, multiple times to where you must heal.

Utilizing actual dodging tactics, even utilizing support builds (Because their are high chances people may actually feint during these missions. So people having the capability to heal more than one is crucial. You certainly won’t be seeing people rushing to build support for Zora missions I can tell you right now), and a constructive team work.

It’s not a coincidence that Zora missions are spammed by “new” HR lowbies for it’s gear because it is literally one of the easiest forms to obtaining an HR set when you jump into the HR rounds.

It’s a high success rate mission is because it’s failure rate is very low due to the very nature of how you succeed within the mission. You’re not fighting a high octane monster with high damage potential, and one shot kills.

You’re facing off against a slow moving monster, in which a great portion of the time you’re spending it mining and running around until the end of the mission.

This is why it comes as no coincidence that the Zora Mission(s) is stated by most as the weakest and most boring part of MHW and that it should be improved, so that it feels more like one in which you could actually fail on a consistent basis.

Pretending it’s one of the missions that has this great threat level of failure is an absurdity.


I’m not making it sound like that. You’re the one that said “It should be far more suspenseful with actual threats of failure” and it does have actual threats of failure. “Suspense” or “tension” I could agree isn’t there unless you have very little experience.

I never said it has a high factor of danger and threat, EVER. NOT ONCE.

“Pretending it’s one of the missions that has this great threat level of failure is an absurdity.”
Agreed. Also has nothing to do with what I said.


No, you implied that their would be threats to failure if people have “no idea” how to deal with the Zora missions.

However, I stated that due to the pace of Zora Missions the threat level is next to nothing, which is why it’s a mission that would have one of the highest success rates within the game.

Even with bad or inexperienced players, did you not read the part in which I said that we had literally two afks, and we still won with ease. That would be equivalent to playing with two inexperienced players.

I also said that the “inexperienced” Zora players even without numbers I would argue would be one of the lowest ratios within the game due once again to the very ease of the mission.

So what I said is true, threat level, very, very, very, very low.


Ok cool, I’m done.


Cool beans.


Nuh uh you.



AT Xeno’jiiva event starts next weekend.


Two very long drawn out AT monster missions back to back…:roll_eyes:.

However, the AT Xeno set judging by the stats/bonus given will definitely be giving out some sweet builds, especially with more slots and all.


So happy, I’m not playing on PC after seeing some of the nonsense involved with it. Seeing people making screenshot post of their KT loot results and having 7-9 T8 weapons, with the rest being T7s makes me realized that either they are consistently “lucky” or else they’re using something to modify their drops.

I must’ve ran Kulve easily at least 100+ times (being very conservative on this estimation),and the most I’ve ever seen was possibly four T8’s, but more often than not, I either get one, two if I’m super lucky, or else zero.


The PC version does have some save editors and mods that will let you modify drops. A friend of mine is using something to modify jewel drops.


PC players are cheating? Well I do declair.