The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


> about to do 11th hour Kulve runs
> notices login prompt about new Horizon event quest being available
> starts Tempered Deviljho extermination across my 3 solo-weapon files


OMGOSH! :astonished::astonished::astonished:


I need to do some Kulve runs on PC MHW.
I waiting on the release of "Ultra Instinct" mantle for PC.


AT Xeno’jiiva event quest is live…



Shockingly an enjoyable AT run with Xeno, which was surprising. AT Xeno is basically what Vanilla Xeno should’ve been, since it finally felt like a worthy “end boss.”

It’s set looks like pure sweetness for gunners, and the costume is a win as well. Still, I’m hoping that we get a huge update for 2019, which is what I’m assuming will happen.


Best to not make any assumptions like that. You’ll probably just disappoint yourself, even if there really is an update it could easily be less than you expect. It’s true MHW is the first title to have so many post release updates so it’s already kind of breaking the mold so it could just be a free update or DLC, but it wouldn’t be too surprising for a large update to just be separately sold Ultimate version of the game either.


I understand what you’re saying, however with how Capcom saw that they lost players back during the SF4 days by forcing a purchase of a new SF4 game, I would hope that Capcom does not repeat the process here with MHW.

They even changed concept with SF5 by making a transition to AE free for previous individuals whom purchased Vanilla SF5.

I would like to hope that they would follow this policy to what is literally their current bread and butter franchise atm.

Otherwise a completely new MHW game that must be purchased will really split the community again, and I feel that on the long run that would hurt them more than promote positive gains.

Of course, they could revert back to what they’ve originally done with previous MH games, but I’m hoping that MHW really does break against that mold.


I am so woefully under-prepared for Luna on PC.
I don’t even have the Fireproof mantle yet.


Winter Star Fest is live…


The Handler is at again!!


Time to get back on this again.


Man, AT Xeno is nuts. I actually haven’t killed it solo yet, and only killed it twice in MP. It’s so much better of a fight honestly.


I have World on PC, but I’m considering double-dipping and buying the PS4 version since I have a PS4 Pro. I’ve heard load times are the main issue on the PS4 version, anything else I should be aware of?


PS4 Pro version runs smoother than it’s vanilla counterpart but still dips into the mid 20s sometimes when it comes to framerate. On average you’ll probably get 30-40 FPS, but the framerate is fairly stable.


Load times aren’t really that long on Pro, but it’s always going to be longer than PC unless you put an SSD in your console


Its hard going back and forward from PC and PS4.

The PC version is just leagues better but PS4 has more stuff!!


Would love to do PC, but…I have 700+ hrs on the PS4, and I honestly don’t want to grind that again. Their are still gems that elude me on the PS4 and I can’t imagine myself grabbing the majority of the gems that I do have all over again on the PC. It is just way too much work and time.


Cant you just use a save-edit to get back the stuff you already grinded out on ps4?



@TrueSephiroth Yeah you don’t even need to touch PC, after putting in all that time.