The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Yeah that was my problem with getting the PC version. Putting all those hours back into it is daunting…


I am abjectly terrified of starting such a game.

The time needed, and the sheer momentum necessary to maintain keeping up with The Joneses after each update…

That is why I didn’t dip in at the get.

I kind of regret it now.

That uphill battle now, 'doe…


Solo-Weapon file status (PS4)

  • Lance - 650 hrs
  • Bow - 700 hrs
  • Dual Blades - 360 hrs

Sometimes, I still think of wanting to do another solo-weapon file in place of the Dual Blades, lol.


Whoa wtf. I only have one character, and it’s at 700 hours lol


Meh, it’s not really that bad because of the seasonal festivals. It makes catching up not that much of a headache IMO


Screwed around and created a maxed out Critical set for my PS4 gunner account.

Maxed out both Critical Boost and Critical Eye and with only a few S-A rank gems!! So my huntress is now a legit Dead Eye sniper!!

Weiss character but still…



it’s taking all my willpower to hold back the hype and not have expectations that are too high lol


I am really hoping for a major update but at the same time I’m not expecting anything huge.


You could at least share your actual build.


@d3v Here you go


How much damage are you getting with that versus doing something with Attack 4 as is the norm?


I don’t know.
I imagined having Attack lvl4 would dealing a lot more raw damage than this build.


I’m thinking the 5% affinity increase from Attack 4 would actually go well with this build.


DUDE. FUCK YEAH. G-RANK, NEW MAPS COMING (in Autumn, so it’s a wait but,) FUCK YEAH

Also, AT KT, AT Nerg, Witcher 3 collab, and a few more events.

AT KT is going to have new attacks and a higher “rainbow” tier weapon pool



The wait for Iceborne is going to be so painful lol






Any chance Capcom will add characters from