The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


What? Why? It’s not really a very relevant series.


Would be cool but they aren’t going to do that. I don’t think Capcom even remembers Red Earth.


The characters don’t even really fit into the aesthetic of Monster Hunter.


Who fucking cares? More monsters to fight.


None of the crossovers fit the aesthetic of Monster Hunter. Doesn’t stop it from being in the game.


Yeah I think it more matters if either it’s an IP of theirs or if it at least fits the monster hunting theme, since both Horizon and the Witcher can fit in that.


And Ryu?


Hence “an IP of theirs”


Just please Capcom…oh please…do a collaboration with Toho already so that we can get some Kaiju monsters into MHW. Nothing would please me more than if we could get Godzilla to go stomping around and kicking the crap out of other monsters within the MH franchise like Dalamadur.

Their is no way that one could introduce Godzilla into the MH Universe and not have it be hype.

I’m extremely excited for the New Upcoming update, my only gripe is that it’s so…so far away yet…Fall of 2019 for the Frozen DLC :tired_face::sweat:.

My goodness this game is going to leech probably 2000+ hrs of gameplay from me. Atm, I have 780+ hrs on my main, and my alt already has 270+ hrs which when combined is over 1k+ hours already. No it doesn’t match my total in MH1, but still, to spend over 1k+ hrs on any game is a ridiculous amount of time.

With this expansion upon release, I’ll probably clock an additional 300+ hrs easily, and that would be me being super conservative.

This image alone has me so hyped!

An actual Sword for SnS that legitimately looks Amazing because it’s not so ridiculously stylized. Also, Gosh Damn, the chick in the purple…her outfit is Legit :heart_eyes_cat:, and I want since my main is female. It almost looks like a altered version of Anja and if so than I’m 100% game, unless of course it’s an old outfit from a previous monster of which I just don’t know about.

I cannot wait, and the only frustration is that it is still a year away.


Well frozen DLC… any takers on Lost planet monsters?


Fun fact, someone on reddit put the original reveal trailer for World and the Iceborne announce trailer, and it turns out that they actually line up quite nicely.

Wait, isn’t the fact that stuff in World is ridiculously stylized enough one of the main complaints about the game?

I mean, I’m still disappointed we can’t whack monsters with a sharq while holding a “no swimming” sign as a shield.


Game needs more rediculous and stylized weapons.


Question…that I should have asked months ago.

This is for the bowgun clique…how do you have you ammo/crafting radial menu set up?


I love Lost Planet so I would be super down for that but I don’t know if they’re as special when you can’t aim for specific spots.

Man I need a REAL Lost Planet 3…


Oh, I have no problem with stylized weapons and even whacky weapons, I’m 100% on board for that. It’s just that their should also be a decent quantity of weapons that look legitimate. I mean the reasons why I’m for weapon transmogs (and for armor as well, since layered imo is way too slow with their pacing.) is because I want to have the Holy Sabers skins for my other dbs that are unfortunately superior.

The Dante CB as a skin, the list goes on, however if we had adequate more realistic type weapons to go along with it, than I’m perfectly fine.

Of course this is my opinion, and others may disagree but it would really make me a happier person, and seeing that normal but still uniquely designed SnS makes me very happy. Not gonna lie, one of the reasons I don’t SnS a lot is the very fact that they don’t have enough basic looking Swords, call me picky :grin:


Everything I need is on the “down” wheel. Basically, all I have is Sticky 3 or Pierce 3 (depending on what gun I’m using) at 6 o’clock, followed by Cluster 3 at 7 o’clock (or Spread 2 for the Taroth Support). I also have Sticky 1 for the Devourer, but for some reason, the game does not allow you to use the radial menu to craft ammo that your gun doesn’t support (which means I have to manually go to the crafting menu for the Sticky 1 I need to make more Sticky 3).



I just bought this the other day, at the tail end of that game awards sale, on PSN.

So it’s getting read solely off of an SSD.

Any tips?


Hit things, until they’re dead.


ITT: Monster Hunter 101 - Being Akuma.


I deleted my early game save to start over, and I’m doing a lot better since I picked the bow. Next mission is hunting the Pukei-Pukei, so I’m not that far in.

Playing on PC of course.