The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Try every weapon. Pick the one you think is cool. If you ever get tired of it, just switch. You’re never stuck in one weapon type.

Pick up everything you pass by. Don’t need to go out of your way to farm materials and stuff early on, but just give yourself a head start by picking up what’s on the way.

Turn off Auto-sheathe. SERIOUSLY.


Yea auto sheath is so fucking annoying.


New weapon design contest, also expanded to include Palico Armor + Weapon.




PC getting Arch-Temp Toaster right after New Year’s.

Which is the only AT Elder I really wanted!!
The Dante layered suit is dope.



Yooooo, the new KT Ice CB has 620 Ice element at it’s cap. If you hit Diablos’ wings with SAED, EACH phial does 205 damage. This shit is a fucking BEAST vs Ice weak monsters wtf.


Nig@# WHAT!!!

That shit is GAWDLIKE!!


Beat AT Kulve three times, and was able to get five total K’jaa weapons thus far, 1 HH weapon, 2 CBs (one ice, and the other blast), 1 Lance, and one hammer.

Since i have the CB now, all I need from the new AT Kulve weapons are DB, LS, and LBG and I’ll be happy, anything more and it’s a blessing.

Great fight, really enjoyable and has helped to reinvigorate Kulve somewhat.


Just so you know ATKT has 7 weapons for each Blademaster weapon, and 6 for each Gunner weapon.


> even more weapons


6 new R8 Bowguns for both LBG and HBG!!!

ME…@d3v and everyone on console with bowgun hunter account!!



Yeah, HBG didn’t get many new good ones apparently, but all the element LBGs are a straight upgrade to their previous ones.


I need to get on this game.


It’s crack.


There might be a couple of decent HBG but still…



Tried it, for bowgunners, it feels like the fight didn’t really change much. Just run Styx LBG or Devourer HBG and then take it down in record time.

That said, it’s nice to get more R8s with the RNG being seemingly better this time. I’ll probably try to get them for some of my other weapons.


AC crossover event coming on the 27th.


Oh wow a new mantle too? sick


Assassin Creed!!?
Plus my boy Bayek made the cut!!

And people say Smash is the most ambitious crossover!!