The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Surprised they went with Origins and not the newer Odyssey.


Someone should tell Capcom that’s a top hat.


It’s a mantle, you can’t see mantles equipped in HQ. That equipment shown is something else.


WELP…PC MHW is busted!!
I don’t know if its the recent patch to the game or AMD.


Solo-run AT Kulve siege is wtf lolz.

IMO, it takes too damn long to do in regards to the effort spent over x amount of individual instances of time when you engage Kulve.


  • cutoff time (roughly 10-min before Kulve retreat, until better pursuit level/progress conditions apply.)
  • pursuit level progress; slow in the beginning but incremental improvement over the course of time through increased efforts/higher pursuit level bonuses.
  • conditional ‘Fury’ state based on Kulve part-breaking status.

I can complete AT Kulve siege (fury/break) at pursuit 5/reward 16… at/around 2h 30min, usually.

Non-fury is around the same, but reward 15 instead.

Overall, it’s all conditions except pursuit 6 and tail break, which usually is extra rounds, though YMMV.

Reward rate for fury/break is solid, though (more R8 stuffs) and even non-fury rate is pretty good, but it requires much more time/effort, than usual, to get to those points now.


PC Mustard Race.


I’m on PC and with AMD and mine is working fine. Though if there was an AMD update recently I haven’t updated.


If you want to solo you should solo in a full session. That way you get the benefit of their Pursuit levels. And almost no randoms ever get P1 clears(which isn’t desireable anyway it seems)


There was an update for AMD, about a couple of days ago.
I’m trying to uninstall and roll it back to the previous version to see if that’s the cause.


Yep that was the issue!! The game is running fine.

Unfortunately, PC players do not understand the concept of getting Behemoth’s eminity = making the fight much easier!!


The problem with that is one has to spend time searching out whatever session is running Kulve, check where the pursuit/reward levels are at, and determine whether to stay in that hub and wait to run siege, or to ‘session hop’ and hope for favorable conditions elsewhere.


Nah, just join them. You don’t need to hop around. It takes 35 min at most and that’s assuming it takes 3 separate instances. In many cases one quest where you just gather tracks and let the rest do whatever will be enough to get to pursuit level 3, sometimes even 4 or 5 if you hold back and wait for the other groups to finish to, then just one more to beat it. It really doesn’t take that long to get your 6-8 rainbow boxes





Looking at the new Horns, while they’re mostly straight upgrade over their previous counterparts, they’re still no match for the current raw focused horns.


…DAT Synchronized TEAM Full Amp Discharge!!


They finally did it!! LMAO!!


New Year’s Eve special event quest is live…



Aw, they couldn’t mod Lunastra into Nala, and Tempered teo and luna into Scar and Zira??


I wouldn’t rule out a Nala mod for Lunastra in the near future!