The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Cannot wait till fall!!

Also having crap luck on AT Kulve hunts for the bowgun profile.


End tomorrow…so if you got MHW on PC…Claim your free shit now!!


> attempts 11th hour AT Kulve siege run (approx 1h 30min out from event end time)
> queues solo-Bow file
> runs are relatively solid for damage/part-breaking
> queues pursuit 4 run at 5min out from event end time
> manages to get regular break finish
> goes to check rewards; sees two R8 Bows after appraisal
> receives two different Kjarr element bows



Still waiting on the Jurassic Park T-Rex mod for Anjanath and 'Jho!!


That would be absolutely sick. They should put the JP Rex on Jho, since it would be more fitting. Considering the name of T. Rex means Tyrant Lizard King which would be more suitable to the more Alpha Monster like Jho, even though Anja is more Rex like in terms of it’s physical appearance.

This mod alone would almost be enough for me to try the PC version lol.


I mean if they finally turned Teostra into Simba, Anja or Jho should have gotten the JP T. Rex skin and roar!!

Truth be told I hope MHW does do a legit collab with Jurassic Park.


Is there a definitive answer to how multiplayer scaling works? I’m seeing it’s a 2.2x hp increase regardless of 2-4 players. Ok, but then what about the monster damage? Does it go up too because it feels like it does, but I haven’t found an answer on that.


Got screwed over last on PC MHW…

Had a legit team last night against Arch-Temp Teo on my Bowgun account and ended getting disconnected mid-hunt!! :disappointed_relieved:

Tried to finish it Solo and with a 1 cart strike already on the quest, and I got my ass kicked.


I need to start this up soon.

That dirt cheap year of PSN bought to nab up those year end deep sales is just wasting away, anyway.


Unless you prefer solo-ing stuff I’d join in. I like helping newer players



Will hit you up. :tup:


Do I already have your PSN?


Prolly not.

Will PM.


In multiplayer, health is scaled up by 2.15-2.25x (based on a number of factors) regardless of whether it’s 2 or 4 players. Damage however, does not go up.


Arch-Teo has the 2nd best comeback setup in the game, save for Behemoth.
Instant kill attacks and stage hazards!

Me and a good group of randoms had this bastard dead to rights in the final stage. But a lava explosion screwed over 2 teammates and knocked them right back in the blast radius of the Supernova

UPDATE: Got the first W on the bowgun account against AT Teo and Hero’s Streamstone: Ranged



Nice, not too far off. Then Nerg and the Iceborne news in Spring.


Great Jagras been hitting the gym and pushed beyond its limits!!


It should be noted that thumbnail is misleading as the quest description doesn’t say it’s Arch Tempered, or even Tempered. It might still be equivalent to Tempered since you can apparently even earn Glowing Feystones(R6 tier feystone), but probably no armor or anything.


Great Jagras, or Greatest Jagras.