The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


I don’t know it could be Tempered or Arch Tempered.
I’m curious to find out, since the Jagras has been nothing but the Glass Joe of MHW.

Great Jagras is only hunted to test out weapons and builds.


Thiccest Jagras


We’ll see. Scrub probably just injected synthol.


Great Jagras injected himself with some knockoff Elder Dragon HGH!!


Part of me hopes it actually comes with new drops for new gear, maybe a Jagras Y armor, just for shits and giggles.


Can’t believe that I had missed this last year:


Saw this on reddit.

I really need to go to the MHW reddit less.


I hate you for exposing me to such things.


They gave The Handler a FurSuit for the new event…

…a FUR-SUIT!!?
After year of her being the poster girl NPC of THOT-Hunting!! with every new event that comes out.



If it means not seeing her ugly ass face It’s an improvement lol


Ugly face!?
The Handler…?

Yeah, I’m 100% disagreeing with you on that!!


Have you not seen her nose? It’s freakin huge dude lol


Considering all the Rule 34 art of the monsters in the game, I’m not surprised.


The Handler is not attractive in World.


Don’t say the “R word” here on the Puritan-pure Shoryuken forums!!


Did you all forget about the Summer event outfit!!


Yeah the outfit is great but it looks way better on ANY of the gathering hall girls since they are also not busted in the face


Well if you’re part of the PC Master race you can do something about:

Speaking of, I shocked that I haven’t modded the game yet. Then again with the situation of modding for SFV, I kinda of weary of modding Capcom games.


Bitch needs to quit sneezing on my chicken…


Best Fails of last year!!


I’m with you @CDB2. I think handler is cute too.