The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Thank you Hawkingbird!!


New PC update is bringing ultrawide support and push to talk.


Got the Research Commission Ticket Event for both PS4 accounts!!
Thinking about f’king around with the Switch Axe:


Apparently G-Rank is now going to be called Master Rank in Iceborne.


Yeah they said they want to unify the terminology and “Master” actually is understandable both in English and JP so it’s clearer than “G rank” which apparently never had a specific meaning lol


I’m cool with that.
Either way we all are going to get wrecked by the newer harder monsters!


I borrowed a 3ds and MH4U from my friend since he doesn’t play it anymore and I’ve never played it.

And now I’m remembering why I never got into it on PSP, these fucking handheld controls. The fucking circle pads feel so bad and the camera control even with the CPP is still digital input basically so it feels fucking sticky. I bet I would have loved even older games if I could play on a controller I actually liked and the camera wasn’t jank.


Yeah…I can’t see myself trying out the older MH games!


Master Rank makes more sense than G rank. A good change, although I’m sure the diehards will complain because reasons.


New mod highlight, and damn its a great one!!
Legit “almost” looks official, which I wouldn’t be surprised if 2B actually gets in!


I don’t think it looks official at all, look at the lighting and the physics on her skirt. It just looks like the ripped the model out and did some basic fixes to make it fit the skeleton. It doesn’t have the polish of an official one.


That’s true.
Another downside is mantles!


Nothing game breaking but it messes up the characters hand.


It’s about that time again.


Lol what? ATKT got you down?

I’m excited to hunt Hugest Jagras but unfortunately I’m going to be away from home for the next several days so I won’t be able to play for a bit.


Back to the grind for some Kjarr weps.
Break time is over, lol.

Hopefully I get the stuff I want before GE 3 drops, cause I wanna play that.


ATKT is back already!!?
Time put these mods down and get back on console for the bowgun and charge blade AT-KT grind.


Back for the Appreciation fest.


Cant wait to tear shit UP!! Finally coming off a 15-hour (emergency) workday. This WOULD happen when new stuff drops.




Seriously do this mission if you want or need decorations!!


Gonna have to pack the bags for an extended hunting weekend.