The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Swole Jagras is this best Event to happen in a while!!
This is Decoration farming grinders lifesaver.

Also, I’m going to be grind AT Vaal on PC for the layered legs…since I have a mod for the costume!!

Any tips for melee ( dual blade and charge blade) and bowgun?


This Gala layered outfit having me go “hee hee”.

EDIT: I’m surprised people are having trouble against the swole one. I’ve only ever triple carted against it once (during my first try), and everything else has gone almost butter smooth.


Kulve hunts have been a bust…no new R8 or KJarr bows or bowguns so far!!


I’ve got a bunch of hammers, HHs which are weapons that I have a flat 0 in usage…I’ve gotten almost all the new Kjarr glaives besides one and they’re also another weapon I don’t use lol.

Happy to say that I believe I was able to get a hold of the best Kjarr Duals from the AT Kulve runs.

Can’t remember but I got a few of the Kjarr CBs as well, and so many others weapons but unfortunately so many repeats sadly, yet the new powerful Kjarr Longswords still elude me, as well as the best LBGs, Bows and HBGs which are what I want as well. Got a lbg and hbg but they were meh.

However, I’ve been running Great Jagras a bit more than AT Kulve simply because the ability to acquire so many Jewels in one hunt is too good to pass up, and I’ve been able to get a few jewels I didn’t have prior too, however artillery, guard up, two more focus, and more Atk Jewels still elude me.

I honestly wished that they would allow you the ability to trade with one player at least like once a week or a month or whatever. A friend of mind has 11 Atk Jewels but he has never seen a Minds Eye, while I have 7 ME and only 1 Atk Jewel.

Going to grind Jagras later today again, and hopefully I hit the jackpot.


I would love for a trading system among players to be implemented. That is something that I wanted since last summer.

Anyways, I’ve got some very good Kjarr gear for both of my accounts but not the stuff I wanted…like the Ice Kjarr CB or a few of the LBGs & HBGs.

The Greatest Jagras quest has been a goldmine for me. I still have not collected any Attack jewels but the stuff that I’ve been getting is still top tier!


Glad I’m not the only one who would like a trading system, and the only reason why I would like an enforced limit of trade to once per week or so would be only so that it would stop abuse from people who basically have hacked accounts from flooding other people.

Every few runs for Great Jagras if you’re lucky you might get something nice. Best thing I’ve gotten so far is the magazine clip, and constitution decos. I didn’t count the other great ones like Minds Eyes etc, since I already have those.

It’s made the rng runs for decos a bit less frustrating, although you could literally have your inventory almost full and still get trash, but it’s better than running the usual missions and getting only 3-5 trash decos.

After this event is over, their will be plenty of decos to meld if need be lol.


Pass this shit on to the Noobs, and those struggling with Kulve.

  • 1:24 - AT Kulve siege flowchart
  • 8:38 - Stage One: Low Pursuit Level overview points
  • 11:52 - start of Stage One: High Pursuit Level overview points
  • 14:53 - Stage One: Kulve travel/spawn/route point map
  • 15:57 - Review: Stage One
  • 18:07 - Stage Two: overview points
  • 20:28 - Stage Three: overview points
  • 23:03 - Stage Four: overview points
  • 31:30 - Review: Stages 2, 3, 4
  • 32:44 - Kulve builds
  • 38:53 - Kulve’s moveset


Got the Gala outfit for both accounts on both PC and PS4!!

PS4 wise…AT KT rewards have been mixed success!!
I’ve gotten some really, really good shit!!
KJARR Thunder Switch AXE for life!!

But the thing is its not the stuff I was going for!!

…or its the shit I want …“but” its on the wrong account!!!:expressionless:


Huge Jagras is a lot of fun to fight honestly. Like, he’s still not a big challenge because his flinch/trip and stun breakpoints are really low, so in spite of his huge damage, you can lock him down pretty well with a pure damage build. If they raised those breakpoints though he’d actually be a pretty tough fight. I hope Master Rank is more of the monsters be like that. Or at least that it’s respective end-game gives us a reason to hunt a lot more of the monsters.


How to farm Big Jagras for decos:

  1. Go to Area 1 w/ aptonoth and wait for Gjagras to show up.
  2. When it shows up, it will eat an aptonoth. After it does attack it for a bit so it doesn’t leave the area.
  3. Gjagras should now fight you; it should start doing barfing/throw up attacks.
  4. Equip Temporal Mantle and pick up shiny drops (various feystones).
  5. It should barf/throw up 4-6 times, overall, for shiny drops; attacking for knockdown vomit state is good too.
  6. Once Gjagras leaves and you’ve managed to gather all the shiny drops you can find, select “return from quest” to leave with your stuff.
  7. Profit!? (hopefully you get some good stuff, lol.)

Up to 30 feystones/decos can be gathered.
Takes about 3-5 min per run, give or take.


If you need high rarity decos it’s actually more efficient to capture GJagras ASAP and only pick up decos during the quest ending timer. Those Jinjinx&Tuna guys did the math and as long as you are able to end the quest within 7 minutes, that’ll be faster than taking the time to pick up all the dropped shinies since those have a really low chance of being the rarer Feystones, but the reward screen always has several of them.


@Gasaraki I hear tell this is a hack n slash.


Ah yeah, I mean, there is a G.Jagras GS called “Jagras Hacker” so I guess they’re right.



2 more days before “Swole Jagras” is gone!!


After a year of playing, I can safely say…I finally got the Guard Decoration…hey, it only took me a year. However my 2nd Atk Jewel, along with artillery jewels still elude me, they must those crypto animals that can never be found.

Jagras has been an Amazing Event.


Got my 2nd Attack Jewel ever, on PS4 melee account, just by Hunting a Tempered Lunastra days ago.


Yes! My first Atk Jewel ever! Just got the baby! Finally I have Two total! So good, now if I can nab possibly maybe one or two more and I’ll be perfectly fine. All I need now is one more focus and three artillery jewels.

Thank You Capcom for the Jagras Event, one of the greatest events ever.


I just got my 7th attack jewel but still no shield jewel…




Also just cleared Arch-Temp Vaal Event on my PC Melee account. This was my 1st try ever at AT Vaal and I smoked him without a Augmented weapon.

All I had was the final form Rathalos Charge Blade with a Blaze jewel, Max out Effluvia Resistance thanks to Vaal Beta legs and Girros Coil Beta, Max health thanks to 3 Vitality Jewels, Attack @ lvl 5, and etc.

Took 2 carts but I got him!!