The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


I’m at 880+ hours bro, that’s how lol


I have almost 1000 hours into this game, and I’ve only reached two Atk Jewels, however I did just get my guard jewel today, which is something that you’re still looking for, good luck to you I say. The artillery jewels are the last ones that I really need, once I get those babies, I can finally start having flexibility on some CB and GA builds.


No, it’s a hunting game like Big Buck Hunter.


It does have a machine gun in it after all.


I need to get back into this one. I loved playing with the Insect Glaive.


Witcher 3 title update will be out in about 6 hours from this post. :+1:


Oh Snap. Can’t Wait! On another note, Just got my very first artillery jewel today :). If I can get two more before the Jagras event ends I’ll be happy :slight_smile:


Greatest Jagras ends today and will be replaced by the Lavasioth one but it has the same decoration focused rewards. Just more of a pain to hunt lol


yeah, that’s the problem. Great Jagras was simply perfect due the fact it was so easy to hunt. Lavasioth will require more brainwork which isn’t what I want lol. However I’ll be running it simply due to the payoff which is too great to pass up.


20 min brosssss


Downloading the update now. It’s 2gb so it’s pretty big


I won’t be able to play until tonight. Lavasloth is already an annoying fight but I have plenty of water weapons to f*k his day up!!



So quick tip, there’s two side quests to find during the mission. Completing one of them will get you a free attack jewel at the rewards screen




Yeah, I got my Atk Jewel, and boy are those Jagras annoying. Had to switch to LS, however for some reason I was destroying the Leshen with greater consistency with the SnS along with better mount opportunities.

Still, I won with the Duals, and I lost on my first run, however that was only because I spent so much time exploring that I only had 10 mins to fight him at the end, so that was bad on my part.

A really nice quest, which made me forget that I was playing MHW and was actually playing W3 instead.

Great Job on Capcoms part.


Yeah I dug it overall honestly. Looking forward to being able to fight the Ancient Leshen with my actual character when it’s event quest comes next week.


And this is why I have it in my Steam Pile.


Got to get the Gajakla Cocktail gadget and befriend them on my melee account to successful pass one of the side quests of the Witcher 3 event.

Doing so gets you the best ending.


Only need one more focus and artillery, and then I’ll have 3 for both. The lavasioth event for gems is nowhere near as good as the Jagras one, if I’m lucky, I may get 20 however with the Jagras I can potentially get almost double that.