The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Yeah it’s already been confirmed that the game can go to 60 FPS. Not sure if the game will unlock past 60 FPS, but the system requirements are for the target of 30 FPS, which the game is meant to be run at. In other words, MHW was DESIGNED to be played at 30 FPS minimum, so all gameplay and animation was done with this in mind. It makes sense that they would list requirements for the game at a 30 FPS target because of that.


Japanese PC ports don’t always have the greatest track record. For example, Dark Souls was 720p upscaled, 30FPS lock. Nier Automata had a list of problems, too. The devs tend to go silent. Both games needing community made mods. Dark Souls on PC didn’t get 60fps officially until May of this year thanks to the remaster.

The Evil Within launched on PC with an unstable 30FPS lock, yet had bloated system requirements for the time.

PC version of Final Fantasy XIV was refreshing. A benchmark(although flawed), and a sizeable demo. It was a turn in the right direction.

However, it’s worrying that Capcom separated the PC release from consoles to make sure it goes smooth, but then say the game will only have “parity” with the console version, and only list the specs to run the game at 30FPS. We don’t know the overhead we’ll need to hold 60FPS, which is a feature that you would expect from a PC game. It’s a bit tone deaf.

I have the same card. The RX480 is similar to the GPU in the Xbox One X. It’s slightly better than the GTX1060 3GB. Your CPU is fine. We’re still in the dark on what it will take to run the game at 60FPS unfortunately. I believe the Xbox One X runs the game uncapped around 45 FPS.


Its not tone def, its telling you the specs to run the game properly, you wanting to go beyond the scope of the projects hardware is your issue, not Capcoms. They deved the game to run a certain and told you how to do just that.


But the game has a 60 fps lock too, so it’s not beyond the scope. The console versions all run with unlocked frame rates. Which makes it even more odd that they targeted 30fps for both the minimum and recommended specs. If the game allows a 60fps lock, is it unreasonable to ask for the specs to run the game properly at 60fps, like almost any other PC game?


Only the Elite/Pro models have options to run MHW at an unlocked FPS rate, the normal models are capped at 30 FPS. I really think you are splitting hairs here. If the game is designed around playing at 30 FPS, it’s not unreasonable to give people an idea of what hardware they would need to play the able at the target framerate.

Also using the Dark Souls 1 PC port is a bad example. The game was originally designed around a 30 FPS lock tied to the engine, hence why funky stuff happened when you used a mod to play the game at 60 FPS on PC. Some games or engines have physics tied to FPS, which is why Dark Souls 1 didn’t have native 60 FPS unlocked on PC until the remaster, or why all the Okami HD ports are still 30 FPS.


Thank you for the info, Fatal!!


All the console versions run uncapped. The base Xbox and PS4 struggle to hit 30fps, but they can go above that. The game runs as well as the machines will allow. The PC version will let you select 60fps. I would just like to know what is needed to do so. Maybe Capcom themselves doesn’t know, or maybe they think listing a current i7/R7 or 1080 will scare people off.

Pretty interesting video about the games technology, and how each system handles it. It’s old by internet standards, but I’ve been staying away from info on the game until the PC version comes out.


Capcom’s PC ports on the other hand, especially with games running on MT Framework, have had a stellar track record.

PC ports of games like Devil May Cry 4 and Dragon’s Dogma are some of the best ever. Heck, they might even be the definitive versions of those games.


Without question this game is going to require at least a 1080 in order to hit 60fps. Considering most modern games these days need things around that level in order to even have hopes of hitting those types of numbers.

Unless of course if any of us is willing to ship $1200 for a Pascal Titan (Not going to lie, I’m super tempted to buy it, even though the price is just maddening, however seeing the fps numbers it can hit makes me want it so badly).

I bought my 1080 founders edition awhile back and I’m content with that. If it’s 30fps than should be enough for anything 1060 or better.

Personally I’m a bit iffy about MHW hitting steam only because most of the steam community and their reviews are pretty horrific in itself, not to mention the toxicity level that can occur on there.

Take also into consideration that most peoples view of Capcom these days are pretty negative, even though they are not even remotely as bad as most claim them out to be.

I could see negative reviews involving MHW simply because many players may not meet the requirements (1060 to play it solidly and their are many who don’t have even that as the minimum) and thus file their complaint without reading the info first before purchasing the game.

However, with how ridiculously Positive the reviews from editors and players alike (which is merited since MHW is absolutely amazing) for MHW has been, I hope this isn’t the case for the PC release.

MHW has been my most played game on the PS4 by far (I have 350+ hrs into the game already, and it would’ve been more if I hadn’t been so busy…lolz) with the only exception of SF 30th Anni getting a huge amount of attention from me (HF is the greatest SF game of all time!).


Didn’t the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma come out around 3 years after the consoles? DmC4 on PC was also released after console too, but not 3 years. DmC4 was around 2008. Since then, I’ve played SFxT and SFV on PC. SFxT was unplayable. SFV was better, then there was the rootkit problem. Capcom is doing better, but I wouldn’t say stellar.

I agree. I would never base a purchase on steam reviews. They neg bomb harder than SRK on an 09er.


You don’t need a 1080 to hit numbers of 60FPS or above. I think a 6GB 1060 should be able to hit the mark. With the console parity I have my doubts on how demanding this port will actually be.


The 1060 6GB is a really good card. That and the RX480/580 8GB were the best midrange 1080p/60fps cards out there before crypto mining killed their pricing.

Just a heads-up, the 1060 3GB is not the 6GB version with half the VRAM. It has less computing power than the 6GB version. It’s a cut down card, but Nvidia kept the 1060 name. The 3GB is still a good card, but just know you’re giving up more than video memory.


Behemonth is yoked!!

More info:


That Dragoon lookin armor looks SICK. I’m guessing that Jump is a new emote, which is pretty tight lol

I’m glad the event isn’t just a single quest, that’s pretty cool


The skeleton for Zinogre is in place. Only a matter of time.


Summer Twilight Fest is live.

Also, it’s that time again…


Goood. I missed kulve taroth. Bout to grind dis bitch.


I can’t even connect to the servers =/


Random stuff:

  • The LR USJ Event Quest is available; can get mats for the Azure Star Palico gear and forge line start of the Azure Star LS. IIRC HR USJ event is available in August?
  • The HR Gastodon Event Quest rewards ‘First Fleet Ticket’ which can be used for the forge line start of the Shooting Star Lance (Paralysis)


Same here, but the festival stuff has appeared in Astera. And I got the sign in bonus and new summer outfit gear.

Also…'dem Brigade Lasses and the Handler’s new summer outfit!!

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