The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Installed the game. I intend to actually put in a bit of time this weekend.


The Wyvern great sword is up… done that shit with my second character with the quickness.



Is that a free outfit?


God, I wish we could keep the outfit permanently!!

I also wish female hunters can get bikini armor/outfit sets!!
Its summer time Capcom, the MHW ladies thicc’ness must be released!!


Outfits for the handler are never free


Right now, its free due the summer event but Its $2.99 to keep it for her permanently!


Dat ass…

dat cold, condescending stare.


Step on me, my queen!


I’ll take the Hub Provisions girl personally. Ridiculously cute lol.


Dat one in the background…

Need that outfit for the female hunters!!
Let d’em buns out Capcom!



THAT’S A BIG BI@# :open_mouth:

Nothing but tempered lvl 2-3 hunts!!
Need those warrior gems for Augmentations.


I was reading on the FF XIV side and I don’t know if these are “confirmed” however it seems like it within the forums there.

"They’ve made it as authentic to the MH experience as possible, at least the EX mode. 4 players, automatic raising up to 3 times, 4 deaths = duty fail, 10 potions (which I assume are a duty action) for healing, no aggro table, everything is telegraphed by movements, etc.

Don’t forget there are no role requirement either. I’m super excited for this."

“And a debuff that renders healing magic ineffective. Absolutely loving this~”

So it seems that upon the FFXIV side, they’ll make the Rathalos fight more MH authentic while giving them two options, A Normal version and an Extreme version.

Lastly, can anyone confirm that we’ll be getting these smexy swimsuits that the ladies at the HUB will be wearing? It’ll be completely bogus if you get them clad in that, but we can’t get our hands on em. I just “heard” that they will be available later, although I can’t validate if this is true or not.


They have never said we will get the swimsuit outfit. We never got the Spring outfits they wore during that festival either so I wouldn’t hold my breath. May eventually, but we don’t know.


I’m guessing it’s because the guys have no equivalent. Though I wouldn’t mind if you could make the male characters look “fambulous”, if you get my drift.


That’s the same for the guild set though, they just made a male version even though no character wears it, while the female version is what all the Hub girls wear. Just give em swimming trunks.


Kulve Taroth upsets me. Can I please get the paralysis SA? Nope, more sns and dbs.

Damn you Rngesus. T_T


I know the feel. Still don’t have the R8 GLs I want after fighting her countless times. Luckily I actually like fighting her though lol


I got the normal and long r8 gls. I’m used to normal, what is long good for now?


Long is for Charge shelling now, but that actually makes the R6 more desirable for the extra augment slots