The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


So wide is regular shelling now? Interesting.

Kulve is a douche. Glad my karma makes the fight easy as pie or I’d have a fit.


Correct. The R8 wide4 is good for the poke>shell combo, the R6 wide4 is good for pure shelling.


Taroth Axe “Paralysis”

I have, like, 5 of those on my Lance file.

I’d give you a couple of them if I could, lol.


this game gets some solid support
love seeing the new FFx crossover content



I know I mentioned this a long while back…but I’m hoping against hope that someday Capcom has a collaboration to get Godzilla into this game.

It would be straight up legit, and I understand you can’t “defeat” Godzilla however it would be cool like if their was a mission to help Godzilla in a fight against say King Ghidorah and at the end, you can obtain pieces from Godzilla and King Ghidorah to make weapon+armor sets.

That would be one of the few hopes that I would love to see someday. Seeing Godzilla in MHW would make me weep the biggest man tears ever.

Some fan I believe drew some MH Godzilla armor sets…



You are not the only who wants to see this happen!!

MHW x Godzilla would be dope as hell!!


I’m glad to hear that! Let’s hope and pray it becomes a reality someday. Would love to hear the epic Godzilla Theme song when you’re in the mission too lol.

On another note, in case nobody knows, but this just goes to show just how insanely popular Monster Hunter World is.

Although I’m not a fan of Tencent, they are launching Wegame in China as a Steam alternative and MHW is one of the games that will be available on there. They have announced that their has been over 1 million pre-orders for it already.

I would like to note however, that these Pre-Orders do not charge them, but upon the release of MHW on Aug 9th 2018 for PC.

If this is true, than that means the PC version will have a hefty and healthy community considering that’s not even taking into account Steams numbers as well, which I’m assuming will be greater than that.

In totality, if the Steam numbers match the 1 million as well than we could see MHW surpassing 10+ million sales for both console and pc combined if this is the case.

That would be pretty darn good for Capcom.





Kulve still a shit…

No 11th-hour hype stuff like in the first instance of the event’s end/final hours.

Somewhat worthwhile though for this round (Bow).
Got 1/3 things that I wanted, lol.

Was kinda hoping to close out the Bow file, too.
But at this rate, who knows…
Probably won’t even bother with the DB file at this point, lol.

Kulve Siege experience/stuffs could definitely use some QoL improvements, IMO.


What qol stuff do you want to see?


Hoping back on to try and finally get some Hero & Warrior stones to augment my weapons!!
Heard that they’re going to be required for the Behemoth DLC fight!!


Weapon Augments aren’t a big enough deal outside of Health Augment to ever be required. Even Health Augment isn’t required though


Kulve is a douche.

Still no paralysis SA, smh.



Kulve Taroth Siege QoL Wishlist stuffs


Offline availability:
Would be nice to have access to this event, whenever. I’ve been usually fortunate in regards to the Kulve Taroth Siege event start/finish times (time zone stuff), but I’ve had to miss some possible sessions here and there. Monthly(?) is nice and all (despite the timeframe availability), but yeah. Connectivity issues are a thing too, like drops during active siege joins and join session stuffs.

solo-level scaling:
I can usually solo-complete the Kulve siege in around 4 runs (unless things go whack, then extra)

  • Pursuit Level 3 (sometimes 4 upon completion)
  • Reward Level 15 (upon completion; everything but ‘tail break’ and 'Pursuit Level 4/6)
  • under 1h 30min, usually.

Round 1 - I usually break front legs plates, back legs plates, chest plates, and tail plates. Also horn gold plate if applicable.
Round 2 - whatever I don’t break in R1, plus horn chip and damage stuffs.
Round 3 - filler round for damage/time stuffs; Kulve release and area 4 access.
Round 4 - finish round if enough damage/time, otherwise extra round(s)

Raising pursuit level (tracks), by yourself, is ugh, and potentially takes time away from active Kulve engagement. Damage to Kulve HP, is eh, but that depends on your methods (personal attack, area 1/3 resources, other resource stuffs)

It would be nice if for solo there would be some values adjustments, or something.

Online session status stuffs:
>sees Kulve session
>enters session
>no one is running Kulve, is doing other quest stuff
>leaves and goes to another session

Sometimes I check out the smaller capacity sessions and run with them if applicable, cause the other ones are at capacity. But if you have a Kulve session and aren’t doing it WTF are you doing? It wastes time to connect and check.

It would be nice to be able to check Kulve siege status from the online session selection screen though before committing to joining whatever session.

sensible reward rates stuffs:
I feel, you should at least get the weapon type you are currently using as a base reward upon Kulve run completion, bare minimum. Kulve weapons are probably the worst grind in MHW next to weapon augment streamstones and decos, IMO. It gets a little disheartening at times to do so many runs (solo/group) and not get anything worthwhile, especially considering it’s a limited time event. It’s pretty whack sometimes to get some weapon classes more than others and even get multis/duplis of one weapon in the same reward set.

Then there’s Reward Level stuffs based on the Kulve objectives; reward 17 is great, but you have to do everything/go the distance, reward 16 is just a step below, with reward 15 usually being commonplace (bare minimum) completion level, with reward amount stuffs being tied to level.

Maybe weapon usage should be a thing when it comes to Kulve reward stuffs?

Kulve Weapon upgrading (R6 -> R7 -> R8):
Some sort of upgrade system in regards to Kulve weapon ranks/types where you can use the resources (unwanted lower rank weapons and probably rare mats) and use them to upgrade/forge higher rank weapon stuffs.

Inter-file Kulve Weapon transfer:
Some sort of system allowing transfer of Kulve weapon(s) to another file, would probably be conditional/limited if ever implemented.

I probably wouldn’t need to do Kulve Siege again for rewards if I could move some stuff around between my Lance and Bow files, lol.

Kulve Weapon trade/gifting:
Some sort of instance during a Kulve session (online) where you can trade/gift with another session member in the Gathering Hub. Would likely be conditional/limited (have to complete/finish a Kulve run with select member(s), current session only, etc.)
Could be an interesting scenario if people got different rewards and you could trade around the spoils, but everyone gets the same stuffs, so whatever.

I wouldn’t mind giving away some stuff to the regular SRK MH peeps cause the Kulve Weapon struggle is real, lol.


I got a Taroth Axe “Paralysis” earlier today with my Bow file.

I was like, “If only Eskills was here in this session…”


I got all the r8 bows and gunlances. I even got the paralysis IG and some of the lbgs and hbgs.

But SA? Pffft, not a SINGLE one. Man this ain’t right.


Ah okay.
I’ll be focusing on getting better gem decortaions and getting the Deviljho buzzsaw Charge Blade and the final form Rathian charge blade.

It something about the design and the Poison element that make me feel that I want to get this. Also, add to the fact that I have 2 Poisoncoat lvl 2 gems that need a home!